Meet Brigette Geniusz Personal Trainer OFC Hickory Creek

My fitness Journey started at the age of two when gymnastics and horseback riding were introduced to me. I was a gymnast for 16 years that later I became a coach for recreational and competitive gymnastics. I never stopped riding horses. I am currently a barrel racer and CrossFit athlete, known as the CrossFit cowgirl. I ride as often as I can and CrossFit 5 to 6 days a week on reaching my goal in competing one day at the CrossFit games. When I am not training or riding I enjoy reading sports books like the “Sports Gene” and researching biomechanical articles on the human body.
My educational background comes from the University of Nevada, Reno in which I obtained a bachelors degree in kinesiology as well as a minor in nutrition and dietetic science. I was also blessed with the opportunity to work with the University’s football team in the department of sports medicine in which I worked closely with rehabbing injured athletes. In July 2018, I traveled to Miami Florida in which I obtained my DBC level 1 biomechanics/human movement certification. I couldn’t have been any more blessed than to be the third class to graduate with that certification and to have been taught by the best physicists and biomechanists in the fitness industry but even more so in the country.
What I am most passionate about fitness is “motion is lotion”. The human body was made to move not doing so is strictly punishment to our bodies function. My goal is to help people move well and to move fast. I strive every day to create better versions of themselves, pain-free and injury free. Action greases the wheel of life. It breeds confidence and courage something I want all my clients to take away from.
Brigette Geniusz PT