Group Training

At Outlaw FitCamp We encourage family fitness!

Add a family member or spouse to train with you at no additional cost! Our small group training is 2-3 members working directly with one of our fitness trainers.

Family Training

You know what they say, families that train together, stay together! Not only is training with a loved one fun, but it is a great way to spend time together working towards a mutual goal. This training opportunity guides couples and families through healthy lifestyle changes that last. Plus, it keeps each other motivated in and outside of the gym!

Outlaw FitCamp understands the importance of families working out together. Since a family is a team, we believe nothing is better than reaching your fitness goals with your closest teammates! Whether you’re training with your spouse, fiance, partner, brother, sister, mother, father, son, or daughter, our group training program is designed for you.

Program Details

  • Household healthy eating habits together with a custom meal plan & nutrition guidance
  • Accountability partner & relationship bonding
  • Goal planning/setting
  • Instilling healthy lifestyle habits to enjoy life and longevity together

Small group training

Friends, families, or coworkers are always welcome to train together. Group training is ideal for high-school students or athletic groups looking to improve their fitness level with their friends or fellow athletes. Group training will create a positive atmosphere for you and others to encourage one another to reach your fitness goals.

Program Details

  • Budget friendly by sharing cost with group
  • Extra support system inside and out of studio
  • Reaching goals with group of like-minded, result driven friends
  • Build comradery, gain new friends all while pursuing active health and fitness goals
  • Meal plan and support

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