Breaking the law of conventional fitness.
We embrace many fitness training styles into our 30-minute FitCamp and Personal Training Sessions to help you maximize results. Outlaw FitCamp works for any body, at any fitness level. 


Outlaw FitCamp provides challenging workouts, personalized coaching from certified trainers, and real-world Fuel Plans that fit your reality, all with the community of Outlaws to keep you going so you can make fit happen.


FitCamp is built for all fitness levels. Enjoy booking your class via our app and join others on the same mission as you! Our personal trainer will lead you through a new workout everyday of the week!

Become an Outlaw.

We go beyond group fitness with personal training. Work individually or in a small group with one of our dedicated trainers to maximize your results. Contact us to learn more about our training memberships. Learn More About Personal Training.

The best of both group fitness and personal training! Choose from our many classes offered throughout the week and work one on one with our dedicated trainers to meet and exceed your fitness goals!

Build Your Fitness Plan.


We put the fit in fitcamp

Our classes are suited for all fitness levels and accommodate all fitness goals.  Our expert personal trainers work alongside you and help modify exercises or challenge you during the 30 minute workout. Enjoy a community that helps you achieve more.


Full body movements maximizing multiple muscle groups through multi-directional exercises.


A type of Intense training which involves aerobic and anaerobic bursts of exercise followed by short recovery periods.


Safe & effective 30 minute workout focused on quality over quantity. Each member is challenged in the way best suited to their needs and goals.

FitCamp is a 30 minute workout designed for both men and women of all fitness levels and most ages. Any BODY can do it!



Personal Training Designed with Every Body in Mind

Work one-on-one with certified personal trainers dedicated to your success – both inside the gym and out, with nutrition support designed to maximize your workout and keep you on track.

Our trainers specialize in a variety of fitness areas – athletic training, weight loss, rehabilitation, beginner, youth,  endurance, body building, muscle toning and more.  Trainers receive continued education opportunities throughout their employment with us – keeping them on the cutting edge of new health and exercise related research, tips and exercises.

No matter your fitness level, age, or desired health goals, you’ll have the support and accountability assurances in place to succeed.


We’ve helped thousands of clients lose tens of thousands of pounds. If you’re needing to shed 20 to 100 lbs we’ve helped others do it before and we can’t wait to get you started with our guided proven successful personalized plan.





Family support can make all the difference.  Because of the proven success rate of our members working alongside their loved ones, we offer FREE partner/spouse training during all personal training appointments.





Learn fundamental strategies, exercises and movement techniques for better body performance. Generate more explosive, more powerful and quicker starts as well as stronger recovery.





The Best Of Both 

We want you to reach your health goals without feeling like you’ve taken on a second job.  With Ultra Fit, three sessions a week is all it will take to totally transform the way your body moves and feels.  We offer a variety of packages to fit any of your Ultra Fit needs…

Outlaw FitCamp offers FOUR Ultra Fit Packages to Fit Your Needs:


Work 1-1 with a personal trainer and get access to FitCamp classes.

  • One 30 minute session per month
  • 8 classes per month
  • Fuel Plan
  • Accountability & Guidance



Ultra Fit Plus

Work 1-1 with a personal trainer and get access to FitCamp classes.

  • Four 30 minute sessions per month
  • 16 classes per month
  • Fuel Plan
  • Accountability & Guidance



Ultra fit platinum

Work 1-1 with a personal trainer and get access to FitCamp classes.

  • Four 30 minute session per month
  • Unlimited classes per month
  • Fuel Plan
  • Accountability & Guidance



Ultra Fit is a membership package which includes both FitCamp and Personal Training! It’s the best of both without the heavy price tag.

If you are ready to take your fitness to the next level enjoy one of our Ultra Fit package combinations that suits you best to reach and exceed your fitness goals


Outlaw FitCamp starts our day and sets the mood for my work flow.

Kellyn Wilgus

Member since 2015

find your fit

Having trouble deciding what exercise program is best for you?  Matching exercise choices with your personality traits is a critical part of finding an exercise plan you can stick with for the long term.

We’ve created the “Find Your Fit” quiz to help get you started.







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