Outlaw FitCamp App Tutorial

  1. Home Screen & Access to Navigation

2. Location Page

3. Schedule Page. View Classes, Trainers and Schedule.

4. Workout Page. See stats, enter workout and Sync with heart rate monitors.

Communicate with your trainer via the app with all of your workouts tracked in one location

The preferred devices that can be paired to the app are:

FitMetrix FMX4

FitMetrix FMX5

Myzone MZ3

Myzone MZ4

Polar H7

Polar H10

Polar OH1

Scosche Rythm+

5. Profile Page.

View upcoming classes, View past classes, View stats, and upload progress pics, measurements and more.

6. Challenges page.

-Join challenges.

-Create your own challenges and invite other members.

-View challenges you’ve joined and see how you rank.

7. Rewards page.

Find your location to view the top 30 in attendance for the year.

Goal- once you hit 200 visits earn Outlaw Rewards

If you need assistance with your app contact us here

8. Account Information

This is the area to update account information, password and credit card on file

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