Meet Franchise owners Amanda & Chris

We live in Lantana, Texas with our 4 year old daughter, Avyn and our Australian Shepherd, Colbi. We have deep roots in Texas with a love of adventure, fitness, Marvel comics, and family.

We started working with Jesse James & Outlaw almost 5 years ago with Chris approaching Jesse to train for his first bodybuilding competition. In the past 5 years he has risen to the top as a Global Bodybuilding Organization Professional. He has done so naturally through hard work, an amazing coach, and a great support system (if I say so myself).

 Entrepreneurship has always been a dream of ours and we felt like our skill sets were aligned perfectly with that of the Outlaw model. Having been close with Tiffany and Jesse over the last 5 years it was also important to us to take this step with people we could trust to support us and lead us in the right direction. Coupled with our backgrounds in fitness, sales, and business management we feel as though this is perfect franchise for us.  We also believe in the science, research, and development behind the model and feel as though we can bring our expertise, enthusiasm and motivation to make this franchise a success


We believe that big life changes start by taking action, setting personal goals beginning with small steps that eventually turn into a big leap of transformation. While stepping out of your comfort zone, breaking old habits and learning a new way of life is not always easy, it is vital to the longevity and quality of your overall health & life.

At Outlaw FitCamp, we strive to be a positive influence towards improving your overall health and lifestyle. Our goal is to work with you throughout your entire transformation or fitness journey. What makes Outlaw FitCamp unique is that we’ve taken a personal training approach and applied it to the fitness bootcamp industry. We understand that one-on-one attention is key to your fitness success, therefore we provide a familiar, intimate setting for you to thrive. Our Fitcamps are lead by professional personal trainers challenging our members to meet and exceed their fitness goals.

Outlaw FitCamp is a personalized experience in a group training environment.

Breaking the law of conventional fitness We embrace all styles of training and think outside the box when it comes to designing our workouts utilizing more than seven different modalities of training styles. 


  • FUNCTIONAL: Full body movements maximizing multiple muscle groups through multi directional exercises.
  • INTERVAL: Intense bursts with short recovery between movement patterns.
  • TRAINING: We provide a safe and effective workout experience focused on quality over quantity. New members don’t get overlooked or lost in the crowd and our trainers are able to challenge advanced members to unleash their inner BEaST each and every workout!

FitCamp Flower MoundIndoor Bootcamp Flower MoundIndoor Bootcamp Flower Mound
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  • Sign up to receive a two-week pass at any Outlaw Fitcamp location.

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