Not all gyms are created equal.  Outlaw FitCamp embodies an encouraging community, with personalized attention from professional, certified trainers educated on the best fitness techniques – and how to safely perform them.  

Our philosophy is based on Progress, Not Perfection.  We want you to be better than the day before.  We understand that one-on-one attention in fitness produces greater results – and you’ll find that personalized attention with us.   


We don’t pit our members against one another to compete for the highest scores.  Our members encourage and motivate one another – keeping the workouts and atmosphere upbeat, entertaining and fun.


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Having trouble deciding what exercise program is best for you?  Matching exercise choices with your personality traits is a critical part of finding an exercise plan you can stick with for the long term.
We’ve created the “Find Your Fit” quiz to help get you started.

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You want to look and feel your best…whether it’s to improve your overall health, to lose weight, increase stamina and sports performance, rehabilitate from surgery or injury OR  improve your muscle mass and build strength. We’ve got expert certified trainers and programs to make FIT happen.
Find the perfect class, mix FitCamp classes with personal training, or sign-up for one of our Ultra Fit packages…

A Stronger, Healthier, Leaner You Awaits!


A personal training approach in a class setting.  Perfect for any fitness level.  You won’t get lost in the shuffle!  Our workout sessions are limited to 10-12 members and taught by certified trainers who take pride in getting to know each member and helping them maximize their workouts.


Our expert, certified personal trainers will work with you to set goals, create a meal plan and develop a schedule to fit your needs – regardless of your age or fitness level.  Your trainer will keep you accountable – tracking progress, redefining next steps, and pushing you to meet and even exceed what you thought possible.  


The best of both worlds – FitCamp and Personal Training - combined.  Reach your goals quicker.  Mix-up your workout routine while staying on track and motivated with the accountability only a personal trainer can provide.  Take fitness to YOUR next level.




-Anna Borland, Member since 2018

Outlaw Fitcamp provides a welcoming, judgement free workout space where members and staff become like family.  We root for every person who walks through our doors – whether their goals are improved health, weight loss or extreme sport training – we’re all in this together.  No matter where you are on your fitness journey, our team will help you develop, meet or exceed your goals.

This video offers a glimpse into what makes us proud to be Outlaws.....

“I joined because I wanted to feel better about myself and be happier for my kids.”

– Carrie Grimes, Member since 2014

Carrie’s story is truly awe-inspiring.  Her initial interest in joining Outlaw FitCamp stemmed from a desire to lose some weight and become an overall healthier woman and mother.  What she found at Outlaw was a team motivated to help her do more.  Through support, encouragement and her willingness to commit to Outlaw’s programs, Carrie began her fitness journey, taking part in FitCamp’s 6-week challenges.  Carrie is now fitter than she’s ever been before, having shed more than 100 pounds, she has a whole new lease on life, enjoying her newfound energy and cheerleading for others in their fitness journeys.

Watch Carrie tell her story...

"Outlaw Starts our day and sets the mood for my work flow"

-Kellyn Wilgus, member since 2015

Outlaw FitCamp welcomes anyone on a fitness journey, whether as an individual, as couples, with friends, or alongside family members - and at any age.  Find your tribe!  We want our members to focus on their needs and know we’re here to show them how to reach their goals.  We promise you’ll look forward to your time as an Outlaw.....

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