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At Outlaw FitCamp, Our trainers are encouraged to expand their fitness knowledge with continuing education on their own as well as learning through inturning with senior trainers at Outlaw FitCamp. Many on our team have advanced their knowledge base and specialize in corrective training, senior training, stability, balance, athletic training, coaching, mentoring & weight loss. The benefit of Personal Training provides much more than a good workout. Whatever your goal, our trainers deliver a strategic planned program designed to help members & clients successfully meet their goals, and make lifelong changes rather than simply provide a good workout.

Did you know Outlaw FitCamp trainers go through a rigorous hiring process?

  • Go through a background check.
  • Complete training internship to learn our protocols and methods.
  • Full time trainers receive health benefits.
  • Specifically work with you on form, strength, endurance and stability. 

Program Details

  • Undivided attention and guidance
  • Specialized in specific area of focus, ranging from corrective training, athletic performance, weight loss, senior training for stability.
  • Nutrition guidance that specifically meets goal requirements. 
  • Program designs for Seniors, weight loss, youth, and muscle gain.

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