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At Outlaw Fitcamp McKinney,  Mark uses his background in biomechanics and passion for health and fitness to help others achieve their personal fitness goals and improve the way they move, think, and feel. With a Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering from Texas A&M, he worked on the development of innovative spinal implants, knee replacement technologies, and wound healing therapies to help those facing physical limitations from injury or disease. Although this was very rewarding, Mark felt a strong desire to work more directly with people and realized through his research that many injuries and disease could be prevented by educating and training others on how to use exercise and nutrition effectively for their overall well-being.

Furthermore, after working long days in the corporate world for over 12 years while raising three kids, Mark understands that most people do not have time to learn and implement an effective exercise program without someone knowledgeable to encourage, motivate, and provide accountability for them. That is why Mark joined Jesse James in providing Outlaw Fitcamp and personal training in a safe and clean environment to deliver quick and effective workouts that are also challenging and enjoyable.


We believe that big life changes start by taking action, setting personal goals beginning with small steps that eventually turn into a big leap of transformation. While stepping out of your comfort zone, breaking old habits and learning a new way of life is not always easy, it is vital to the longevity and quality of your overall health & life.

At Outlaw FitCamp, we strive to be a positive influence towards improving your overall health and lifestyle. Our goal is to work with you throughout your entire transformation or fitness journey. What makes Outlaw FitCamp unique is that we’ve taken a personal training approach and applied it to the fitness bootcamp industry. We understand that one-on-one attention is key to your fitness success, therefore we provide a familiar, intimate setting for you to thrive. Our Fitcamps are lead by professional personal trainers challenging our members to meet and exceed their fitness goals.

Outlaw FitCamp is a personalized experience in a group training environment.

Breaking the law of conventional fitness We embrace all styles of training and think outside the box when it comes to designing our workouts utilizing more than seven different modalities of training styles. 


  • FUNCTIONAL: Full body movements maximizing multiple muscle groups through multi directional exercises.
  • INTERVAL: Intense bursts with short recovery between movement patterns.
  • TRAINING: We provide a safe and effective workout experience focused on quality over quantity. New members don’t get overlooked or lost in the crowd and our trainers are able to challenge advanced members to unleash their inner BEaST each and every workout!

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