The Surprising Benefits of Exercising with Your Loved One

Every single day in any part of the United States, you’ll find people working out at fitness clubs, trying to find clubs or exercise programs to join, or signing up for a new fitness challenge.   Many times, these searches are solely for the person looking…but what if they considered their spouse, partner, or significant other in their decision?


It’s actually been scientifically proven that physical fitness doesn’t just benefit your personal health and well-being, but also has positive implications on romantic relationships.  Think about asking your significant other to join you at your next workout…there’s a lot of evidence that points to couples that sweat together stay together too! 


Working Out Together Can…


  1. Make you happier about your relationship. Lab studies show that after participating in an exciting physical challenge or activity, couples report feeling more satisfied with their relationships and even more in love with their partner.  It’s actually the physiological arousal, rather than the novelty or challenge of the activity, that drives romantic attraction.  This means having a shared fitness goal, (like training for an upcoming race), running together, trying out ballroom dancing, or even having a date night at the gym, can boost the quality of your romantic relationship. 
  2. Improve workout efficiency. Many psychologists believe in the concept that the mere presence of someone else can greatly affect your ability to do an activity.  Even if you think you’re great at a particular exercise, bringing along your special someone is a great way to boost your energy output.  For instance, if you’re a treadmill runner, the mere presence of your partner will improve your speed without you even being aware of the influence they’re having.  However, a word-to-the-wise…if you’re trying something new for the first time, you may want to go at it solo until you get the hang of it.  Sometimes your partner’s presence can interfere with your focus – so bring them along once you feel good about what you’re doing to get that extra performance boost. 
  3. Get ‘em to fall in love with you. Exercise generally induces the symptoms of physiological arousal (sweat dripping down your body, the racing pulse, a shortness of breath).  These workout side-effects mirror the thrill of romantic attraction.  Use it to your advantage!
  4. Help you reach your fitness goals. When the two people in a relationship both care about fitness – for themselves and each other’s – it’s easier to achieve your fitness goals.  A recent study of heterosexual couples showed that the average-weight husband who cares about fitness engages in more physical activity when their wives offer supportive health-related comments.  Sharing your ups and downs during a morning walk, an afternoon bike ride, or after a tough fitness class is the perfect chance to share these supportive comments. 
  5. Strengthen your emotional bond. When you’re working out together, you can create a context where you coordinate your actions.  For instance, you could lift weights in rhythm, match your walking or running pace, or toss medicine balls back and forth.  This type of movement and behavior creates nonverbal matching (or mimicry), which benefits you both.  This nonverbal mimicry helps you feel emotionally attuned to one another – and people who experience or engage in it tend to report feelings of bonding with their partner.  Exercising together is a great opportunity to create connection – take a chance on discovering a new dimension in your relationship.  


Outlaw FitCamp is a big supporter of spouse’s working out together – that’s why we offer spouses to personal train with you FOR FREE.  Interested in getting you and your spouse set up for training? Contact us for more details…

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