Good News: The Right Workouts Give Amazing Results Quickly!

There’s a myth that sometimes keeps people from being motivated to start working out. It’s a misconception of how long it takes to get into shape. People hear constantly that you can’t expect overnight results from exercise. While this is true, it’s also true that when you work out the right way, you can start to see some major changes in your body in … Read More

Outlaw FitCamp has the perfect FIT for YOU!

It’s extremely important to us at Outlaw FitCamp to provide the right fit for our members and meet them where they are in their fitness journey—we are committed to serving every client and will always meet you at your current fitness level. You will not find one-size-fits-all training at Outlaw FitCamp! To make sure we’re serving everyone, we customize a … Read More

The Mother’s Day Gift that Benefits the Entire Family

Something we want everyone to remember this Mother’s Day: when moms take care of themselves, it makes them happier, healthier, and better moms. We see it all the time—moms often ignore themselves and put everyone else first. Although moms do this with a selfless heart, it doesn’t help their families in the long run. Moms need to take care of … Read More

Are You Using the Best Protein Powder for Your Fitness Goals?

When working on improving fitness, there are a lot of good reasons to add protein powders to your diet. But it’s important to choose the right type of protein in order to match your specific goals! Are you wanting to build muscle, gain weight, lose weight, stick to a vegan diet, or do you have specific health concerns? One type … Read More

Own an Outlaw FitCamp Franchise and Improve Lives!

If you are interested in fitness and have a love for helping other people, you may want to consider a new opportunity in Outlaw FitCamp Franchise. We’re now offering our proven, successful Outlaw FitCamp business as a franchise. You can open an Outlaw FitCamp facility in your community and transform not only your life, but the lives of your clients … Read More

Can You Really Lose Fat and Gain Muscle at the Same Time?

At Outlaw FitCamp, we see a lot of confusion on this and often hear the question, “Can I lose fat and gain muscle at the same time?” The short answer is yes, and it’s important to do just that. But it’s too simple to answer with a simple yes. You need to do specific things to make sure you aren’t … Read More

Outlaw FitCamp App Tutorial

Home Screen & Access to Navigation 2. Location Page 3. Schedule Page. View Classes, Trainers and Schedule. 4. Workout Page. See stats, enter workout and Sync with heart rate monitors. Communicate with your trainer via the app with all of your workouts tracked in one location The preferred devices that can be paired to the app are: FitMetrix FMX4 FitMetrix … Read More

Brigette Geniusz Bio

Meet Brigette Geniusz Personal Trainer OFC Hickory Creek My fitness Journey started at the age of two when gymnastics and horseback riding were introduced to me. I was a gymnast for 16 years that later I became a coach for recreational and competitive gymnastics. I never stopped riding horses. I am currently a barrel racer and CrossFit athlete, known as … Read More

Want to get in shape quickly? 8 Do’s and Don’ts

We understand that everyone who wants to get in shape wants to do it quickly. We all want weight loss or a stronger body fast! But fast results are rarely long-lasting results, and are often dangerous. If you want long-term success when trying to get in tip-top shape, there are important mistakes to avoid and changes to make. Here are … Read More

What are the most important differences between fitness instructors and trainers?

Fitness instructor, gym instructor, trainer, fitness coach, certified trainer…no wonder there’s so much confusion about what kind of fitness training would be your best choice and what the differences are! We’re here to tell you there are definitely differences, and they’re important ones, too. We’ll explain the differences between instructors and certified personal trainers, and let you know why we … Read More