Phyllis shares her transformation story

Previously this past Spring Phyllis took the second place win from our 6 week Total Body Transformation Challenge and shares her story with us. Our next 6 week challenge is around the corner beginning September 13th-October 26th. Join others motivated towards their fitness goals as we approach the holiday season. 6 Week Challenge includes: weekly weigh in’s Meal Plan Access … Read More

Tip & Karen’s Transformation Story

Recently this spring Tip and Karen took first place in three of our categories, 1st place Men’s, 1st place women’s and 1st place couple with a total loss of 83lbs and 16 total inches lost. See what the couple has to say about their experience. Our next six week challenge begins September 13th through October 26th for all of our … Read More

Challenge Couple Kyle and Laura share their experience

Recently our total body transformation challenge ended with a record breaking weight loss among all locations. Kyle and Laura completed our 7 week total body transformation challenge as a couple. Together they lost a total of 32 pounds and 8.5 inches of the waist and gained some positive habits. From their experience see what the couple has to say about … Read More

Transformation Challenge Winner Kelly shares her experience

2nd place Winner, Kelly completed our 6 week Transformation Challenge. Kelly shares her story and experience in this short video. Our next challenge begins May 3rd until June 22nd, registration is now open. Use Promo code: EARLYBIRD to receive $50 off now until April 11th. Kelly’s Story: My husband spent the majority of the summer in the hospital and I gained … Read More

Amy’s Transformation Challenge Testimony

#TransformationTuesday I decided to join the Transformation Challenge because I was tired of always being tired. I wanted my energy level to be higher, I wanted to be able to dance all night with my husband and not get worn out. Recently I turned 50 and I didn’t want to feel like an old mom. I feel like I accomplished … Read More

OBC Winter 2017 Challenge 2nd Place Women’s Winner

My husband spent the majority of the summer in the hospital and I gained quite a bit with eating a lot of comfort food and not being able to make it to Outlaw Bootcamp like normal. Before the challenge, I felt like I wasn’t back to where I’d been…but was okay with how I looked and didn’t try really hard … Read More

OBC Most Weight Loss in Winter 2017 Challenge Winners

I did the last challenge 6ish months ago and I had great success, but I still had more weight to drop. I stayed motivated for a while and continued to drop, then the holidays happened. I did well because I stayed with these same wonderful people who continue to motivate while I was working out, but I wasn’t dropping weight. … Read More

OBC First Place Couple’s Winter 2017 Challenge Winners

Kayle’s Story My reasons for joining the challenge were many. I had to do it for my health, I did it for my daughter’s upcoming wedding, and I did it to support a friend. I have never worked out a day in my life, and honestly I was terrified. And if I am truthful, I did not expect to be … Read More

New Year Transformation Challenge

Lose weight fast

Outlaw Bootcamp is excited to announce its New Year Transformation Challenge – winner Holly. Below is her testimony of her journey with OBC. I joined the Outlaw Bootcamp New Year Transformation Challenge because I wanted to be able to walk into a store and buy clothes. My best friends have seen the tears, observed my frustration shopping, and know my … Read More