“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”  — Roman philosopher Seneca

At Outlaw FitCamp, we love this quote because we’ve seen this truth first-hand. “Lucky” people generate their own good fortune by doing what they need to prepare for success.

This is definitely true with fitness. When you exercise regularly and focus on good health and fitness, it spills over to success in other areas of your life. There are many ways that maintaining good fitness leads to increased success in bigger areas. We’re going to list ten of them.

1) Improves your self-discipline

When you exercise regularly, you are creating (and then reinforcing) a habit of discipline. Developing a habit of discipline will help you in all other areas of your life. The ability to complete work projects and personal tasks will improve with the self-discipline you’ve developed by becoming a regular exerciser.

2) Helps you get more done during the rest of the day

Exercising makes you more productive. Research shows that people who work out regularly have more energy throughout the day than their sedentary peers. Some experts believe that a midday exercise session is the most helpful for more energy and stamina, but the most important part is exercising regularly.

3) Makes you more aware of the food you eat

People who exercise regularly rarely go on to make terrible food choices consistently. Exercise and healthy eating habits seem to go hand in hand. People who work out tend to be more careful about what they eat, and then this healthy eating increases your health and fitness even more.

4) Sharpens your time management skills

The biggest excuse people give for not working out is that they don’t have time. All our group fitness classes and personal training sessions at Outlaw FitCamp are 30-minute sessions. Everyone, no matter how busy, has 30 minutes for something that gives you so many life benefits. By carving out the time to exercise, you will be developing better time management skills for the rest of your day.

5) Improves your self-confidence

Being fit boosts your self-esteem and improves your positive feelings of self-worth. Studies show that regardless of age, weight, or gender, people report feeling more attractive after exercising. A good self-esteem has a positive impact on more productive work and leads to increased success in other areas of life.

6) Alleviates anxiety and helps you manage stress

Research proves that exercise helps reduce feelings of stress. The chemicals in your brain that are released when you work out help soothe anxiety and make you feel calmer.

7) Boosts your brainpower and gives you mental clarity

There really is no dispute. Studies consistently show that exercising boosts your brainpower. In fact, research shows that cardiovascular exercise actually creates new brain cells. And a 2019 study showed that a strenuous workout increases levels of a brain protein called BDNF, which may help with decision making and learning.

8) Decreases your risk of sickness

This particular benefit also has a direct correlation between exercise and success in life. When you exercise, you increase your resistance to sickness and disease. When you reduce your risk of sickness, you reduce the time you need to take off from work, school, or your daily tasks because of being sick. And less time off leads to more productivity.

9) Fights depression

Studies consistently show that exercise fights depression. Kevin Young, the lead author of one recent study examining this connection said, “When we become depressed or whatever it is we’re going through, we say to ourselves that we’ll get out when we feel better. Unfortunately, what we also see is that we do not feel better until we get out.”

If you’re fighting feelings of depression, exercise even when you don’t feel like it. You’ll most likely feel better afterwards.

10) Makes you realize good health is everything

You’ve heard it before, and it really is true: good health is everything. The better you take care of yourself, the better shape you’ll be in to take care of your loved ones and to make a bigger impact on the world. Sadly, people who work themselves into the ground often don’t enjoy the payoff of their hard work. Often, they’ve neglected their health and aren’t well enough to enjoy it. Take care of your health, and life will be so much better—now and in the future.


Regular exercise increases success in life

People who commit to staying physically fit find increased success in other important areas of their lives. When you exercise regularly, you gain a peak physical and mental state that spills into positively impacting everything else. Things just seem to fall into place easier for people with good health and fitness habits.

And it doesn’t take living in the gym either! Regular 30-minute sessions are enough to reap the benefits we listed above.

Give us a call or come visit our facilities. Studies have proven the link between good health and success in life, and we want you to personally experience this connection.


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