Booking and cancelling class via the app is simple!

Did You Know… As a personal training client you get 2 FitCamp classes a month with your membership? It’s True, Choose The Renegade package when booking a class!

Once you’ve downloaded the Outlaw FitCamp app, have logged in you are ready to start booking your classes.

Some troubleshooting if you are having trouble logging in:

  1. Be sure you are using the same email address we have on your account, if you’re not sure you can call or text the studio number and request this info.
  2. Be sure you have active credits or a membership to book classes, again if you are having trouble here simply call or text your studio to request help.
  3. Be sure that when you enter your email address you don’t add a space after as the app considers the space a character and will not recognize your email address. (This happens sometimes with autofill).

Ok, you’re logged in and ready to book your class!

Some things to know about how our booking, cancellations and waitlists work.

BEST PRACTICE: It’s best to schedule for the month if you have favorite class time to ensure you reserve your spot

WAITLIST: Once the capacity of a class has been met, clients who attempt to enroll in a full class will be given the option to add themselves to the waitlist.

When a spot in the class becomes available, the first person on the waitlist will automatically be moved into the class so long as the class is still outside of the following:

  • Cancellation window – 2 hours prior to start of class in which clients can no longer early cancel their booking. Once this window begins, clients will not be automatically moved from the waitlist into the class, ensuring that clients from the waitlist have enough notice to make it to class in time.
  • Waitlist Lock Window – 1.5 hours prior to the start of class after which the waitlist is locked. When this window is locked, clients will need to call the studio to be added to the roster.

Our app has a 90 minute waitlist lock window… what does that mean? If you are on a waitlist the app will stop automatically adding the next person in line 90 minutes before the class start time. We wouldn’t want to notify you of a class opening without enough time to get to it. You can always call/text studio to see if anyone has late cancelled or remove yourself from the waitlist and see if you can add yourself into class (in the event a spot opened up 90 minutes before class start time).

NOTE: When we see a class waitlisted we will know the demand to add another class is present and will most likely add a new class around the popular waitlisted class time. This is your way as a member to let us know what is desired.

CLASS CANCELLATION: Outlaw FitCamp requires a 2 hour cancellation prior to class and we request this of our members to ensure everyone has an opportunity to get their workout in and keep our classes full of happy healthy members achieving their goals! If you must cancel try to do it prior to 2 hours before a class start time. First offenders will receive a warning, otherwise a $10 late cancel/no show fee will be applied and class credit is lost.

In the video below we show how to book and cancel a class.


Did you know that you can bring a friend with you to Outlaw FitCamp? And if you do you could WIN!

We’re running a bring a friend referral challenge each month! The top three members with the most referrals win a FitCamp class pack! That’s right bring a friend and each time you do we will track your referrals.

The member with the most referrals wins a class pack of 12 FREE

The member with the second highest referrals wins a class pack of 12 FREE

And third place in the referral challenge will also win  a class pack of 8 FREE

It’s easy to do simply book a class in our app and select the bring a friend option.

Once you select bring a friend you will enter their details and share a class credit with them to add them to the class.

We appreciate all of your referrals and hope to see you as one of our winners!

Winners announced the last day of each month! Thanks for bringing your friends.


The OFC Team


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