March Bingo

March is the perfect month to level up our fitness! Join us as we play bingo this March to better our health, support our community and get a chance to win! First to complete all boxes wins an Outlaw FitCamp goodie bag worth over $100 value! Simply use our digital bingo card and add stickers over each completed item. Once full card is complete, submit to your location via email no later than March 31st. Winner announced first week of April! Good luck and let’s #MakeFitHappen in a fun challenging way.


  1. Check In On Facebook: Check into your studio location to complete this bingo task
  2. Show for all classes in March: If you book it, show up! For any class you’ve scheduled 100% attendance is required to mark this task off your bingo card
  3. Google Review: If you’ve reviewed your studio location already you’re ahead of the other competition and THANK YOU! This is a way to show your support for Outlaw FitCamp and your dedicated trainers.
  4. Participate in a 5k or sport activity: You can track this in the app using the plus button on your OFC Performance app and follow the below steps.
  5. Skipped Chips At The Mexican Restaurant: Nothing against Mexican Restaurants other than over filling our waistline with delicious endless chips. Save the room for better quality nutrition by skipping the chips.
  6. Bring A Friend: We welcome all friends, if they are a friend of yours they will be a friend of ours and welcome in. Did you know you can add a friend to class with you right from our app. Read more about how here 
  7. Track workout in the app: We’ve shown you how to do this on number 4. Be sure to set your personal device as well for more tracking stats like steps or calories.
  8. Track a full day of food in the app: Did you know you could use the barcode scanner in the OFC Performance app? Automatically add quick snacks like protein bars, shakes and more with a click of a button. OR you can build your own meals, recipes and search our entire library of food options to save as your favorite meals and even add your own custom options.
  9. Drink One Gallon Of H2O: We all know we can do better with getting our daily water intake in. To learn more about the benefits of staying hydrated click here
  10. Lose 5lbs in March: Realistically 1-2 lbs per week is an average likelihood if you are really watching the food and upping your activity level. By tracking your measurements in the app you will be able to view your overall progress as the days, weeks and months go by. To do this select the + button and select body stats as shown below. We have many articles around weight loss read up here: Basic Fat loss Math &  Want Permanent Weight loss? 
  11. Tag Picture With Trainer: At Outlaw FitCamp we’re about Paying Fit Forward and what better way than to share a gratitude post for those that help you be better! We thank you for your consideration and appreciation for all of our OFC dedicated trainers.
  12. 30 Minutes Of Outside Exercise: It’s a given that sunlight and exercise are important parts of our human existence so why not take your workout outdoors? Be sure to track your activity in the app.
  13. Be An Outlaw: This is a freebie, and a special thank you for being a dedicated member with Outlaw FitCamp, we LOVE our Outlaws
  14. Meal Prep for the week and share it on Facebook, the community groups in our app or with an OFC Trainer: Help us keep you accountable and maybe inspire someone along your journey with a social post
  15. Challenge Yourself in FitCamp by increasing your weight and/or intensity: Could you give more during. your workout? If the answer is yes, your trainer will see it and know! A little extra sweat never hurt nobody 🙂
  16. Complete 30 Minutes Of Cardiovascular Activity: Anything you like that gets your heart pumping and sweat dripping. Be sure to track your activity in the app. Need a little motivation? Checkout a blog we shared on this topic called “Did Someone Say Cardio” 
  17. 20 Minutes Of Stretching: Stretching keeps the body flexible and is a compliment to FitCamp style of training. It’s always a good idea to stretch, maybe you’ll make this a recurring habit, we hope so. You can track this in the app.
  18. Weigh in weekly in the app: You’ll use the body stat to enter in these details as mentioned on #10
  19. Add Progress Photo To App: I bet by now you’re wondering, why do they want me tracking all this in the app. Members who do so have a higher likelihood of not only reaching their goals faster but exceeding them as knowledge is a powerful motivator. If you feel like you’re working hard in the gym but not feeling like you are seeing progress, photos help especially if you put them side by side overtime and we encourage you to do so. Best practice is to find a place to take the photo same day/time weekly. Wear tight clothing (so you can see the changes happening to your body) and store the image in your app by selecting the + button and photos. The app will walk you through the rest.
  20. 30 Minutes of Vitamin D: Vitamin D deficiency is already extremely common, affecting approximately 42% of the U.S. population, according to research published in the National Institutes of Health database- UT Health Houston
  21. Say Something Nice About Yourself: Even better if you shout it to the rooftops and make a social post. Why not, be your biggest fan! Words of affirmation get the mind right and who doesn’t need more of that! #SELFLOVE #MATTERS
  22. Refer A Friend: Not only will your friend love you for introducing you to the best 30 minute workout in town, fitness is better with friends. Thank you in advance 🙂
  23. Read One Self Development Book: We challenge you to GROW and read a good book this month. March has 31 days and 5 weeks, it’s one of our longer months sooooo maybe you can knock out a good book and grow in the process. If you love the book you’re reading share with others in the app. How about an OFC BINGO Bookclub? We’re down!
  24. Track Workout in the App Weekly: This is a way to help you see your results in a way that is very motivational. It’s really hard to miss a workout if you are on a roll and our goal is to get you motivated to show up not for us but for yourself!
  25. Set Device to App: If you need help reach out to one of our trainers. All device pairing can be found in the app under settings (bottom three dots to the far right of the screen, once you hit that you’ll see which option you can pair *NOTE: more devices added soon).

For more FAQ about the OFC Performance app click here

Last, save the bingo card to your phone and check off each box as you go along. You can use digital stickers, any app that helps you mark a task complete etc. Once you have completed the entire card submit to your location via email by 3.31.2023 for a chance to win. We will check and verify you’ve completed a few tasks on there.

Some locations will offer prizes to the member who

  1. Completed One Bingo Line First
  2. Completed Two Bingo Lines First
  3. Completed Three Bingo Lines First

We wish you a healthy happy March and look forward to seeing you work through BINGO with us!


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