Sometimes people who’ve never tried personal training are afraid that it’s too expensive or intimidating. This can’t be further from the truth!

Instead of paying gym fees for years on end, it’s a much better use of your money to work with a professional and learn proper, safe, and effective ways to exercise. Our certified personal trainers at Outlaw FitCamp are well-trained and eager to help clients at any fitness level.

Going at it alone in a gym will rarely get you the results that working with a professional trainer will. Here are 20 ways that your results will be better at Outlaw FitCamp:

1) We’re well-trained in fitness

Outlaw FitCamp hires only the best certified personal trainers. They know how to help you reach your goals.

2) We can teach you new workouts

Our trainers are in the business of training. We keep abreast of the latest, well-proven workout techniques, and we can show you the right way to do them without risking injury.

3) We look at your fitness needs objectively

It can be hard to see for yourself what you need for optimal fitness. You may be focused on your waistline and while we’ll definitely work with you to lose weight, we may see some health goals you need to work on as well.

4) We push you when it’s the right time to push

It can be hard to push yourself at the gym when you’re not feeling it. Our trainers know how and when to push you—in a motivational way where you’ll respond.

5) We can customize your nutrition plan

What you eat is a big part of becoming fit or losing weight. We can help you come up with a nutrition plan that is doable and effective to help you reach your goals. We’ll incorporate vegan or vegetarian requests, too.

6) We put a focus on your family

At Outlaw FitCamp, we’re very family focused. We’ve seen first-hand the success that comes when a family is working toward better fitness together. That’s why we always train spouses or significant others for free.

7) We’ll hold you accountable

Your own, dedicated personal trainer knows how to hold you accountable.

8) We’re good listeners

Sometimes you need to vent. There aren’t many better places to do that than when you’re sweating it out with your trainer. We’re not therapists, but a lot of clients tell us they treat us that way!

9) We can keep you from plateauing

One of the most frustrating parts of working out is when you hit a plateau. It happens to everyone, and it’s the time when many people quit. We know how to get you past these plateaus and help you overcome them.

10) We’ll motivate you

Besides knowing safe and effective form, our certified personal trainers are also trained in the best methods to motivate different individuals. We’ll motivate you to keep at it when you might just stay on the couch if you were working out alone.

11) We know how to develop a personalized plan for you

Everyone has different fitness needs. Working out is not a one-size-fits-all thing. We’ll talk with you about your goals and develop an individualized plan specifically for you.

12) We’ll challenge you in ways you won’t challenge yourself

Our trainers know when it’s time to face a new challenge—to push a little harder, add some reps, or increase the intensity. This is hard to know when you’re working out by yourself.

13) We can keep variety in your workout

It’s easy to get in a workout rut at the gym and this is not the quickest or most effective way to reach your goals. We’ll mix things up when your workout needs a change.

14) We’ll help you set realistic but challenging goals

We have new clients frequently who have unrealistic goals (for beginning) or other clients who we know can do way more than they realize. We’ll work with you to set goals that are challenging, but reachable. And then we’ll help you set new ones when you’re ready!

15) We teach you proper and safe form and then watch to make sure you’re using it

Sure, you can watch your form in a mirror at the gym. But that doesn’t provide you with necessary feedback you may need and not realize. A personal trainer can watch for safe and effective form throughout your workouts.

16) We’ll help you exercise the most efficient way with FITT

Studies show that the most effective form of exercise follows the FITT principle (frequency, intensity, time, and type of exercise). Our trainers are well-versed in this method and will incorporate it into your plan.

17) We’ll help you maximize your time

You know the guy who spends two hours at the gym? That’s not necessary to improve your fitness or lose weight. Our workout sessions are designed to get finished in 30 minutes. We’ll get you in and out of our facility and you will have completed a totally effective workout.

18) We’ll help you train for competitive events

If you have a competitive event you want to train for, Outlaw FitCamp is the place for you. We have trainers who will get you well-prepared.

19) You’ll workout harder with a trainer than by yourself

It’s been proven that people have more effective workouts and meet their goals sooner when they have a trainer working with them than when going it alone.

20) We can serve your needs whether you’re 8 years old or 95

At Outlaw FitCamp, we pride ourselves in our wide variety of clients. We work with old and young, fit and out of shape, toned and overweight, athletes and reforming couch potatoes. We love meeting you where you are and showing you where we can get you.

Outlaw FitCamp will help you meet your fitness goals

The bottom line: the coaching and personal training at Outlaw FitCamp will get you the results you want better, faster, and safer than going it alone at a gym.

Give us a call and let us show you how a personalized workout plan and training with us can get you the results you want. Together, we can achieve your fitness goals!


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