What “healthy” means is different for many people. It depends on where they are in life, their goals, their challenges, their age, etc. Whatever healthy means to you, Outlaw FitCamp can help you achieve it. We help people of all ages, weights, lifestyles, and health profiles.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as “complete physical, mental, and social well-being—and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” But research suggests that most people define health in a much narrower way.

This new year is a good time to think about it. What does healthy mean to you? Here are five common answers among our Outlaw FitCamp clients.

1) Maintain a healthy and attractive weight

WHO defines obesity as a global epidemic and obesity is one of America’s biggest health problems. It’s no surprise that many people define health as having an attractive and healthy weight. And although it’s not ideal, the fact is some people find more motivation to look attractive than to improve their health. That’s okay though—getting to an attractive weight means you’re improving your health too.

2) Keep up with your kids or have energy to get through the day

Our grocery store shelves are full of supplements and products designed to “increase energy,” but there’s no solid proof that any of these actually work. What is proven to increase energy, however, is exercise. Working out gives your cells more energy to burn. It circulates oxygen through your body and helps you get better sleep. And when you work out, you increase your brain’s dopamine levels. This all elevates your mood and increases energy.

3) Stay active as you age

Exercise helps you stay active, even as you age. It increases metabolism, maintains or builds your muscle mass, and helps you maintain a healthy weight. Exercise also helps you improve flexibility and balance. Furthermore, it enhances your mood, reduces depression, and improves brain function. All of this increases your ability to multitask and keep active.

When it comes to muscles, the old saying is true: “If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.” Keeping your muscles active helps keep your whole life active.

4) Keep health problems away

There is no question that exercise helps prevent illness and disease. Research proves that staying active helps prevent type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, and many other health problems.

When you exercise and eat well, it boosts your immune system to fight sickness. In fact, experts believe that exercise is the single most important thing you can do to reduce sick days. Studies have found that people who exercise between 30 and 60 minutes on most days have a 46 percent reduction in the number of days of illness compared to people who don’t exercise.

5) Live a long and healthful life to make things easier for your loved ones

A great deal of today’s health care is focused on keeping people from dying. But research shows that for people over 75, fear of dying is not that big. The more common fear is that they’ll become dependent and a burden on their families.

Everyone hopes that they’ll be one of the “lucky” ones who enter old age maintaining their strength, brain health, and a good quality of life. What everyone doesn’t realize though, is that the quality of these years is largely up to them.

Experts believe that 80 percent of how well we age can be attributed to lifestyle choices. The good news: it’s never too late to make lifestyle changes that will improve your well-being. Exercise, eating well, and remaining social all contribute to a healthier lifespan.

What does healthy mean to you?

A great quote sums up what it means to be healthy: “Being healthy is a mindset that you continue to re-evaluate and redefine.” Health is a constantly moving target and what healthy means to you will probably change throughout your various stages of life.

Whatever healthy means to you, Outlaw FitCamp can help you achieve it. We have the personal trainers and group fitness classes that can help you reach your personal health goals.

Our clients are people from 8 to 80, people who want to lose weight, bodybuilders, people with health problems, athletes, families, and everything in between. We have the training and expertise to help each of them.

Call us today and we’ll discuss how we can help you reach your healthy.


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