How Outlaw FitCamp is Keeping Our Clubs Cleaner Than Ever:

Redefining Group Fitness – “Outlaw 2.0” – Our Response to COVID-19

We take the health and safety of our members and staff very seriously.  We’ve put CDC recommended safety measures in place – so you can stay focused on your workout.

In direct response to COVID-19, we immediately instituted “Outlaw 2.0,” a comprehensive health and safety initiative that we feel is here to stay.

Introducing “Outlaw 2.0”

Workout Distancing

  • Space out all machines to appropriate CDC recommended distances
  • Restrict class size to 10-12 participants
  • Create separate, delineated 7×11 foot personal workout areas
  • Limit rotations of workout areas to one (with each workout cell being cleaned before next use)
  • Spray X-Guard- a hospital grade disinfectant throughout our facilities weekly
  • Post clear instructions on member distancing during workouts as well as appropriate steps for cleaning machines pre & post usage

Temperature Checks

  • A touchless temperature check will be taken before any person is permitted entrance.

Handwashing Measures

  • Each guest is required to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before and after any workout.

Cleaning Stations

  • Cleaning stations, stocked with paper towels, hand sanitizers and COVID-19 hospital grade disinfectant spray are located throughout the gym.


  • Texas is no longer under a face mask mandated from Governor Greg Abbott. At Outlaw FitCamp our goal is to make our members comfortable during these difficult times. We are still going to keep our staff wearing masks for the next few weeks, maybe even months, until our customers are comfortable.
    #1 we respect our customers decisions to wear or not wear a mask. We are in fitness and health while activity has always been a concern throughout his Covid situation. 
    We will maintain our sanitation as always but will let our members decide what they feel is best for them. Still encourage our team to be extremely mindful of the current situation and keep a distance unless it’s welcomed from our guest.

Message from the founder:

Jesse Leyva speaking on gyms and the no mask mandate going into effect here in Texas.
Leyva said smaller gyms and boutique studios can have that kind of advantage compared to the big-box gyms because they can have more control in making major changes like changing the layout.
Staff will still be spraying everything down between uses and hospital-grade disinfectant spraying will also continue once a week.
Leyva said the pandemic has forced the industry to rethink standards that could last for years to come.
“I think it was a good eye-opener for our industry to step up the protocols for cleanliness for the customers,” he said. “With the pandemic, I think it was a much-needed thing to be brought to the attention of all the gym owners and boutique studio owners, just to bring up their standards of protocols and sanitation.” 
Watch the full interview by clicking the link below


Outlaw FitCamp 2.0

Opening after Covid Outlaw FitCamp has made changes to its workout to improve safety measures for members and it’s team. FitCamp 2.0 is a new improved workout here to stay and there is much to be excited about. The same 30 minute workout many have known to love as improved for the better, here is what our team has to say.

Member Testimonial

The feedback from members has been great regarding FitCamp 2.0. Many of our members feel safe to workout with the new improvements and are happy for the changes. Many of our members feel the workout has improved and really enjoy knowing that they are staying safe in their new workout cells. See what member Mike has to say about Outlaw FitCamp 2.0…

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