Have you noticed all the group fitness classes, boot camps, and specialized exercise
studios popping up everywhere? Group fitness classes are one of the hottest trends
right now—not only for exercise, but for socialization as well. In fact, some have even
said they’re the new Happy Hour!
Not all of them are created equally though, and we believe that Outlaw FitCamp is
the best you can find. Our group fitness FitCamp will give you all the benefits that
exercise classes provide, and ours lead by experienced trainers that emphasize
effective and safe form.
Group fitness classes are extremely popular these days because they provide some
real benefits. Here are five we think are most important:

1) Working Out in a Group Gives You Accountability

Trainers who lead group fitness classes will tell you that the biggest benefit to group
exercise is the accountability it gives the members.
When you are trying to make it to the gym “sometime today,” you may or may not make
it, depending on your mood, the weather, your workload, family demands, etc. But when
you have a group class on your schedule and exercise buddies expecting to see you,

ditching out of your exercise commitment is much less likely to happen. When you do
miss a class, someone is bound to ask—when you return next session—where you
were last time. You really won’t feel like saying, “just kept hitting the snooze button,” or
lying about it. You’ll most likely just go to class instead of facing that. And that’s a great
thing, because almost no one ever regrets exercising (especially after they’ve finished!).

2) Group Fitness Classes Make Workouts Fun

While trainers tend to mention accountability as the biggest benefit to group fitness, fun
and enjoyable classes are the benefit most mentioned by class participants.
Upbeat music, a trainer who keeps you going, exercise variety, and like-minded
classmates working on the same goals—these are things that really make exercise
more fun than going it alone. Working out in a group gives everyone involved a surge of
positive energy—something extremely helpful for effective exercise.











In a group fitness class, everyone is there for the same reason. This automatically gives
you a sense of camaraderie with the other class members right from the start.
Belonging to Outlaw FitCamp not only gets you out of your house or office, but it also puts
you in a group of people who are working on the same lifestyle goals as you. And as
you continue to attend week after week, you get to know the other people in your group.

Not all that many people have struck up a friendship working solo on the treadmill or
elliptical machine at a gym. But when you put these same people in an exercise class,
friendships are formed.
If you’re new to the area, there may be no better place to meet people who live near you
than Outlaw FitCamp!

4) Healthy Collaborations with Group Fitness Friends Can Extend Beyond Class

When you have FitCamp week after week, it becomes common for class partners to
help each other stick to goals between classes. These friends may get together to
exercise between classes to help each other stay on track and motivate one another.
Tiffany Leyva, Brand Ambassador and Elite Personal Trainer at Outlaw FitCamp, puts it
this way,
“As a trainer, I’ve seen it many times. People make friends in class and then get
together to continue activities outside of class. It happens frequently when you
meet people on the same mission as you to pursue an active lifestyle outside of
class. For example, I’ve seen people meet for daily cardio workouts with a
partner outside of Outlaw FitCamp to keep up their healthy activity between
classes. We love to see that collaboration!”

5) You Get a Lot of Encouragement in Group Exercise Classes

Face it—it’s sometimes be very hard to motivate yourself to get through that third mile
on the treadmill. But in FitCamp, your trainer and your fellow class
members provide the encouragement to keep going. Your trainer knows how to
encourage the class to keep their energy levels up, and working out with others tends to
make people more likely to push themselves than when they’re exercising solo.
Working out with others seems to create a high level of motivation and encouragement
among class members. At least a few people in class are going to be having a good
workout from the start of the session. The positive vibes from those enjoying the
workout almost always spread to others throughout the class. This creates a positive
attitude and culture encouraging everyone in the class.

Group Fitness Classes—All the Rage












Group Fitness Classes really have become all the rage. And there’s good reason for
their popularity; they hold you accountable, help form friendships, give you
encouragement, provide variety in your workouts, and on top of all of that—they’re fun!
You’ll find all of this in our Outlaw FitCamp facilities across DFW. We’ve worked hard to make sure
our FitCamps are fun, effective, and safe. Our trainers are experienced, motivating and well-
trained. You won’t find better fitness classes than Outlaw FitCamp.
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