Have you ever wished that you had more confidence? People who set fitness boundaries report experiencing a boost of confidence. Think about it: when you set a higher standard for yourself confidence grows naturally. As you lose weight and feel better than ever your confidence will sky rocket. 

Self-confidence is important to have, it means feeling certain and good about yourself and having self-assurance about what one can accomplish. It’s feeling like you can achieve what you set your mind to; a belief and/or conviction that you can succeed.

Lacking self-confidence can seriously restrict what you do in life. A person with low self-confidence could be hesitant to many things such as interacting with people. This can lead to difficulty in creating and maintaining relationships. Also, one could be hesitant to trying new hobbies or getting involved in the community. Imagine how much life is actually being missed out on.

Fitness can improve you not only physically but mentally as well. Most turn to fitness for a variety of reasons to improve some aspect of the way the body functions — to make it stronger, quicker, healthier, leaner, etc. You accomplish these improvements through goals. By accomplishing goals, you prove to yourself that you are tough enough, strong enough, and brave enough to accomplish what you want. Physical success in fitness comes from the mind as one does not start out strong, lean, quick etc. It is through the mental toughness of overcoming each obstacle day in and day out to which these goals are acheived.  Essentially, through fitness, you prove to yourself that you can do anything not just physically, but mentally as well!

Each time a goal is set and acheived, you gain the sense of acomplishment and feel proud about yourself. Those feelings are rewarding and naturally you move on to bigger goals in an effort to progress. Fitness is a marathon and not a sprint! The pattern of creating smaller goals and moving on to acheive bigger goals helps you succeed physically and mentally.  Physically you  actually see changes  in the mirror over time and mentally you gain confidence in yourself and what you can accomplish as you look back at your progress. After feeling hesitant,  you become proud and confident about your fitness journey, which transfers into confidence in other areas of life.

Exercise is the greatest confidence booster and mental toughness creator. It takes discipline to achieve success in fitness and teaches discipline in other areas of life. The passion drive, and perseverance to achieve a goal plays in other areas of our lives as well. Through fitness you learn about yourself, what you are made of and what you can do. Going from a couch potato to a runner or gym avoider to gym rat, the fitness journey instills confidence and belief in oneself. Time and time again we have seen many members change their lives both physically and mentally through fitness. With new found confidence through fitness, members walk with their head held high knowing they are capable of overcoming obstacles and enduring the uncomfortable to reach their fitness goals. The sky is the limit and you are capable because you know your strength!