It’s extremely important to us at Outlaw FitCamp to provide the right fit for our members and meet them where they are in their fitness journey—we are committed to serving every client and will always meet you at your current fitness level. You will not find one-size-fits-all training at Outlaw FitCamp!

To make sure we’re serving everyone, we customize a program to meet the specific goals of each individual who comes into Outlaw FitCamp. We offer a variety of group fitness classes or individual personal training for everyone from beginners to conditioned athletes, and classes to challenge those in-between. We serve men, women, kids, parents, seniors, athletes, couples, families, people trying to lose weight, bodybuilders, those with special needs—everyone!

And we definitely can’t serve all our different clients with the same style of fitness class. Every Outlaw FitCamp class is led by a certified personal trainer who knows how to keep participants safe and motivated. We keep our classes small, so we can provide help to everyone in the class. There truly is a place for every single client here, and our certified personal trainers are ready to help you wherever you are right now!

Here’s a general overview of our current roster of Outlaw FitCamp classes.

1) FitCamp 30-minute classes

For those beginning their fitness journey, or those who want to try fitness classes after working out solo at the gym, we have a variety of 30-minute functional interval training classes that will help you get in shape!

These 30-minute FitCamps allow you to work all muscle groups, burn calories, and tone with friends of all ages and fitness levels while enjoying a safe, yet effective workout. And every one of these classes is 30 minutes of fat-blasting fun!


The upper body sculpt class focuses on chest, arms, triceps, cardio, and core.


This class focuses on strengthening the back and shoulders including cardio and core.


Leg day all day, also known as “hump day.” This class focuses on everything from the waist down. Glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves, cardio and core.


At Outlaw FitCamp we go hard core! This class focuses on building a strong lower back and abdomen.


This full-body class focuses on all muscle groups including cardio and core. It’s a great calorie burn and challenge to finish off a week of hard work!


This Body Blast workout focuses on cardio and endurance with all muscle groups sprinkled in. It’s a great calorie burn and aerobic challenge.


We turn it up a notch here! This is our 45-minute workout if you’re feeling XTREME! Our certified personal trainers will challenge you in this outlawesome workout that burns fat and builds muscle. This fitness class uses full-body movements for our middle to advanced-level members.

With this longer class, we offer longer time durations, more exercise movements, and we use more variety of exercise equipment. Although it’s a next level class, people of all ages can do it. This class is designed for our 30-minute fitness class participants who want to try something a bit more challenging. You can do it—be XTREME!

3) Purgatory

We like to say that only the strong survive purgatory! This is Outlaw FitCamp’s advanced class, not recommended for beginners. It’s for athletes, racers, and people who aren’t afraid to be pushed!

In a heated 84-degree room, our trainers lead you in advanced movements for mid to advance-fitness levels. This 45-minute workout will challenge you to the max! This is fat-blasting, full-sweat, extreme-endurance fun!

We mix our Purgatory class up with cardio, resistance, and HIIT-style training. This allows you to focus on a complete full-body workout with bonus rounds for those looking to be challenged.

Are you brave and ready to experience Outlaw FitCamp Purgatory workout? We’ll give you a shirt when you complete your first purgatory #ISURVIVEDPURGATORY.

There’s a class for you at Outlaw FitCamp

No matter your goals or fitness level, there is a class for you at Outlaw FitCamp. We’re committed to helping the specific goals of every client we have. We have a spot for you whether you’re beginning your fitness journey or are a conditioned athlete who needs a new challenge. We also provide individual, group and couple personal training to develop a custom plan just for you!

Call us today and let Outlaw FitCamp help you become a healthier, more fit version of you!

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