🎉We have a very exciting announcement to share with you! 🎉
We’ve spent the last 4 years helping thousands of members transform themselves and today we are announcing our own transformation 💪

In 2014 our first location was formed and today we’ve grown to four locations across the DFW metroplex. A few weeks ago we announced our name change from Outlaw Bootcamp to Outlaw FitCamp. ✅

đź“ŁNOW we are proud to announce Outlaw FitCamp is open to franchise opportunities!

Outlaw FitCamp was born four years ago in Texas. Jesse James and his partners developed this exciting fitness business with a unique functional interval training system that’s helped thousands of members lose pounds and inches. New to market this booming fitness business is now available for franchise opportunities in Texas! Are you ready to invest in yourself and join our Outlaw FitCamp family? If you have the vision and the enthusiasm to succeed with our help, you can become a part of this exciting new franchise opportunity!

What We Do Best

Our Fitness Training Beats the Competition

At Outlaw FitCamp, we serve clients at all different fitness levels—regardless of age, size, shape, or goals.

We offer a variety of services such as FitCamp group classes, personal training for individuals, group fitness training, and VIP coaching.

We don’t serve a particular demographic—we love working with all fitness levels. Men, women, families, companies, seniors, couples—all are among our satisfied clients.


Developed by personal trainers for personal trainers

Founder Jesse James Leyva and his partner Kay Simms together have a combined 30+ years of experience as personal trainers helping thousands reach their fitness goals! They and a team of experts have developed systems that work!  Investing in an Outlaw FitCamp Franchise your staff will be thoroughly trained, also have access to a team on hand for continual guidance and support. . Our trainers truly are the best of the best. We support our franchisee’s with the hiring and onboarding process for their training staff. Training your team to deliver results through our proven system, programs and methods . Besides being well-trained, we hire trainers who focus on staying motivational—offering smiles and encouragement.

Additionally, we are different from many other gyms and fitness companies because our staff is well-trained in safe exercise form. We always put an emphasis on training to watch for safe form in order to limit injury by smart class design and continued education.

Trainers are the most important part of our company. Unlike many of our competitors, we start by selecting certified and qualified personal trainers. But we don’t stop there—we then train them on our Outlaw FitCamp style and provide a team of experts that they can access any time. Providing multiple revenue opportunities your staff can make a great income, with our multi tiered salary structure. Full time health benefits and vacation pay are another feature uncommon in the fitness industry!



Open Your Fitness Business with Strong Company Support to Back You Up

Outlaw FitCamp is far more effective and engaging than your average boot camp. With our fitness system, you’ll be able to offer your members a wide variety of fitness exercises and training techniques. With much more variety than a typical boot camp, your members won’t get bored. In fact, they’ll love it!

Our “Transformation Challenge” is exciting, fun, and best of all—it works! We get members, their families, and friends involved with every Challenge we promote. It’s also a great way for franchise to showcase what we do best, help clients meet results.

We specialize in small groups and build great relationships. You’ll offer our signature indoor FitCamp. But you’ll also be able to combine this with individual personal training, training for small groups, couples, and seniors, and VIP Coaching. There is a program for everyone, any age, budget and goal.

At Outlaw FitCamp, we have it all!


We Provide You with the Opportunity for Success

As part of our team, you’ll always have the support of experienced, successful professionals who have your back.

We’ll help you build your business with solid marketing. We have effective and fun marketing campaigns, events, and promotions that your members will love. And in turn, they’ll refer their friends to you!

Check Out This Exciting Opportunity

If you’re ready to consider the opportunity that awaits you by investing in an Outlaw FitCamp franchise, contact us today.

You can change your life and the lives of others!