There’s one thing you can do that will increase your productivity, give you more free time, and help you meet your goals…among other benefits! So, what’s the secret that almost all successful people use?

It’s this simple: having a daily ROUTINE. For most people, the key to meeting goals is to develop a routine and stick to it! It takes self-discipline, but with a few simple tactics, it can be done.

Having a planned-out, daily routine does the following: 

  • Makes you more efficient

    When you have a routine, you move from one task to the other without spending a lot of time thinking about what to do next.

  • Creates structure in your life
    When you have routine tasks in your day, you have a structure that helps you be much more productive.
  • Encourages good habits, while eliminating bad ones

    Building good habits takes repetition, and routines are repetitive. To make it even better, good habits often replace bad ones.

  • Forces you to prioritize things that are important

    When you plan a routine, it forces you to think about what you really want to accomplish. As an example, it can be hard to make the decision every day to go workout. But if exercise becomes part of a routine you already have in place, it’s much more likely you’ll follow through.

  • Helps fight procrastination

    You’re less likely to procrastinate on tasks that you’ve already put into your daily plan.

  • Builds momentum in your day

    As you accomplish tasks in your routine, you feel a positive momentum to keep crossing things off your list.

  • Increases self-confidence

    Good habits will boost your mood and give you confidence about reaching your goals.

  • Reduces stress throughout your day

    Routines limit having to make decisions all day on which task you should tackle next. It also limits the stress from feeling guilty for not getting things done.

  • Allows more free time

    People are afraid that having a routine takes away freedom. But in reality, following a routine helps you efficiently get tasks done, so you can then relax and enjoy your free time.

  • Probably best of all… routines help you achieve your goals!

    Developing and sticking to a daily routine is one of the main traits that successful people have in common.

Having a daily routine is important to your success, but it’s easier to come up with one than to consistently execute it. Here are some things you can do to help you stick with your plan.

10 things to do for success with a daily routine: 



















1) Prioritize what’s important when planning your routine
Don’t make it too hard. Think about just one or two things you really want to change when starting a new daily routine, and give those priority in your plan.

2) Set small goals
If more exercise is one of your goals, don’t immediately go from hardly any exercise at all to exercising an hour a day. Similarly, if you eventually want to lose 20 pounds or more, set a goal of losing 5 pounds instead. Because small goals are easy to attain, meeting them gives you momentum to keep going.

3) Write it out
Use a planner or a calendar to write down your routine. Having it written in front of you will help you stick to it.

4) Be consistent with time
For example, if you want to make exercise a new habit, it helps to do it at the same time every day.

5) Try to make it fun
Put a new workout playlist together, find a group, do whatever you can to make your routine more enjoyable. Our Outlaw FitCamp classes are lots of fun! Check them out here.

6) Track your progress
Have a calendar or planner where you can check off tasks as you complete them. It’s motivating to see all the checkmarks of what you’ve accomplished!

7) Reward yourself
Set small goals and have a reward in mind for when you get there.

8) Start each morning with a plan
Make a habit of looking at your calendar or planner first thing each morning.

9) Give yourself time for your new routine to become automatic 
Keep in mind that it takes most people about 90 days of doing something before it becomes a habit.

10) Don’t get caught up in perfection
Remember—progress, not perfection!

Just do it! 

Establishing a good daily routine will make you feel great about yourself and proud of your increased productivity. We can help you easily fit scheduled workout sessions into your routine. Give us a call and we’ll discuss options with you.

You’ll love the feeling of being in control of your life and time—and a routine will do that for you!