Making a resolution to get in shape, lose extra weight, or just become healthier is a good decision—no matter when you do it. But while many people make these type of resolutions January, that’s not really the best time for a new fitness goal.

In reality, there’s no science that shows it helps you succeed by starting a new fitness plan on New Year’s. After all, more than 42 percent of people say that they fail to achieve their New Year’s resolution every year. However, research does show if you wait until after the holidays to start working on better health, it can put you at a disadvantage.

While January can be a difficult time to start a new fitness goal, autumn is a great time to start. Here are eight reasons why right now may be the best time to start working on your fitness goals.

1) You’ll have less work to do later. 

Many people gain 5 to 10 pounds during the holidays. We face more food and alcohol temptations than probably any other time of the year. More often than not, this leads to extra pounds.

But If you start now (before you gain those typical holiday pounds), you’ll start at a better place than if you wait until January. Starting in the fall means you’ll have less to lose to reach your goal.

Also, if you start getting fit and healthy now, you’re much more likely to make better choices during the upcoming holidays. You can still have as much fun this season as always, but you’ll feel better and will want to make better choices.

2) Waiting until January is an excuse to procrastinate

Don’t use making New Year’s resolutions as an excuse to procrastinate. If you tell yourself you’re starting a new fitness plan in January, you give yourself permission to continue unhealthy habits through the end of the year. You may keep eating more than you should while saying, “After New Year’s I won’t be able to do this.”

3) January and February are the hardest months to become motivated for many people. 

Winter months bring cold weather and a greater temptation to stay in and watch a movie instead of heading to the gym. People aren’t outside as much, the days are shorter, and it can be a difficult time to start a new fitness plan. Why increase your odds of failing?

To make it worse, many people’s mood takes a dip during the cold winter months after the holidays have ended. If you’re one of the people who suffers from a bit of the blues in the winter, starting a new fitness plan then can be a recipe for failure. Even if you’re not affected by this though, winter is not the time of high motivation for most of us.

Right now, you can take advantage of our beautiful fall weather to get outside and be active. By starting now, your outlook will be improved by January and you’ll go into the winter months already seeing results. This will give you the motivation you need to keep going.

4) A head start gives you a confidence boost during the holiday months.

New habits normally need at least 21 days of commitment before they start to become more automatic. If you start now, you’ll have some healthier habits well-established before the holiday temptations begin. And as you know, holiday temptations are not just for a couple of days. It’s a long stretch of parties, gatherings, and family events happening from the end of November through New Year’s.

But when you start a new fitness plan in the fall, you’ll already be more fit by the time holiday parties roll around. Start now and you may have family and friends asking you what you’re doing to look so fabulous by Christmas party time!

5) Boost your metabolism.

If you begin working out and eating well now, your metabolism will be more efficient by holiday time. Going into the holidays means almost inevitable higher calorie eating. But if your metabolism has become more efficient, you won’t suffer the same consequences from a little holiday indulgence.

6) You can do a lot in 30 days! 

When you focus on eating well, getting enough sleep, and the right exercise program, you really can feel and look better in just 30 days. With almost three months until the end of the year, you will feel and look better by New Year’s if you start now. That’s quite a head start you’ll have over everyone else!

7) Want to be in better shape by spring? 

Six months from now is April. Just think of the changes you can make if you start a new fitness plan in October, stick to it during the holidays, and then maintain this momentum for three more months. You can have a different body and attitude by next spring if you start now! If you wait until New Year’s though, you’ll only have half this amount of time to reach your goals.

8) End your year on a high note. 

Don’t wrap up another year making the same resolution you’ve made before—to get in better shape. You can end this year with pride by making some changes now to get healthier. They don’t have to be huge changes—just add a short amount of exercise to your daily routine and make healthier eating choices most of the time.

Heading into next year with success from the last few months is a great way to end the year!

Now is the best time to start a new fitness plan! 

Honestly, telling yourself that you’ll start a new fitness plan in January is just a convenient excuse to procrastinate.

Fall is a much better time of year to begin establishing healthier habits. Starting now gives you a head start over everyone else who begins in January.

We can help you right away develop a personal program to meet your goals. Give us a call and get ahead of the game! Your holidays will be happier, and you will be healthier if you do!