I decided to join the Transformation Challenge because I was tired of always being tired. I wanted my energy level to be higher, I wanted to be able to dance all night with my husband and not get worn out. Recently I turned 50 and I didn’t want to feel like an old mom.
I feel like I accomplished a lot from the Challenge! My mindset going in was to try and win this challenge but boy can these girls lose weight! I ended up losing 14.6 pounds and 3.5 inches on my waist and I a more than happy with those results. I gained more self confidence than I thought possible. I am going to rock that bikini on the beach in Hawaii in June ????
From this transformation challenge the biggest change is our eating habit for the entire family. My grocery bills have gone down and the majority of my groceries are from the produce section and the fish market. My husband was not part of the challenge but he has lost weight right along with me just because of the cooking changes. We also don’t eat out nearly as much as we did before. I think I am mentally stronger than I was before, I am doing things I didn’t think this old body could do and I would definitely recommend Outlaw to anyone, as long as they want to make a change it is a great program.
I don’t think I could finish this program had it not been for the instructors cheering me on every step of the way.