From the beginning of history, humankind has strived to push their physical abilities to peak levels. From ancient writings to lost legends, stories of various forms of strength training, resistance training, and cardio training have made their way through the centuries, progressively morphing into our modern day understanding of physical fitness. Let’s take a deeper look into how fitness training became what it is today.

Ancient History

In ancient Greece, legend has it that a professional wrestler would train by carrying a newborn calf on their back until it had reached full maturity. Now, this may be a slight exaggeration but it does show a key feature of pre-nineteenth century fitness training: little technology. However, where the ancient Greeks had a lack in technology compared to modern times, they had a superfluous understanding of physical fitness. It was ancient Greece that invented many of today’s sports and entertainment traditions. Some records even indicate that it was the Greeks that invented body building for sport. Even more notable, in their day and age, war was common and fought by hand. You had to be in elite shape to survive. Subsequently, this is what brought about advancements in the understanding of human anatomy, nutrition, and general biology.

Nineteenth and Twentieth Century

It wasn’t until the 1896 Athens Olympics (Ironically in Greece) that weight lifting became part of track and field. In 1914 it was finally recognized as its own independent sport. From that day forward, fitness training was never the same. With rapid advancements in technology came an explosion of fitness knowledge. Better equipment, training, and facilities all culminated into the arrival of body building’s most world renown icon: Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was in the 1970’s that Schwarzenegger captured the minds and attention of everyone and ushered in a fitness-frenzy that is still going on to this day. Gyms began to open up, common people began to take an interest in developing muscle mass, and everyone wanted to be just like the movie stars of the time: physically fit.

Modern Day

Modern day fitness training is at it’s most developed level yet. Where ancient Greece wrestlers hoisted cattle, and the twentieth century was all about going to the gym and pumping iron, the fitness training styles of today are embracing new and creative ideas. Group training, being one example, is a relatively new feature for gym goers. Where once, group fitness training was only for the military in bootcamp, Outlaw Bootcamp is making this style of training available for everyone. The past is not forgotten though. Outlaw Bootcamp still believes in performing movements involving heavy items (maybe not a cow) as well as traditional weight lifting techniques like that of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The only twist is, now these workouts are diversified, at various speeds and intensities, and planned to help get you to a level of fitness you’ve always dreamed of. In addition, Outlaw Bootcamp has introduced a workout style that is appealing for all; a chance to engage with family and new friends in a way that promotes a healthy lifestyle in a group setting. In the years to come, look for Outlaw Bootcamp to still be changing the lives of thousands of people through group-oriented workouts all in the name of a better, brighter, and healthier future!