“When you have your health, you have everything” — Augusten Burroughs

While most everyone has heard this old quote, many men, unfortunately, seem to ignore it. Typically, men more often neglect their health than women do. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, men die at higher rates than women from every one of the top ten causes of death.

It’s critically important for men to take care of themselves, and staying fit by exercising is one of the best things they can do for their health.

Further, some health conditions affect only men such as prostate cancer and low testosterone levels. Fortunately, exercise can help lower the risk of both.

Exercise helps maintain testosterone levels

Research shows that exercise can help improve the testosterone levels that naturally drop as men age. As men get older, testosterone begins to drop. And when men gain weight, this causes a loss of even more testosterone. With lower testosterone, men eat more, gain weight, have less energy…and the vicious cycle continues.

Low testosterone levels cause the following harm to men:

  • Low sex drive
  • Lower energy
  • Hair loss
  • Decreased feeling of well-being
  • Loss of muscle mass and bone mass
  • Increased body fat
  • Mood changes
  • Poor memory

As you can see, it’s very important for men to keep testosterone levels up, and exercise can help them do just that!

Some types of exercise boost testosterone levels more than others. The best exercises for this are weight training and HIIT (high-intensity interval training).

We can help you here! Both types of exercise are ones that our trainers at Jesse James Fit and Outlaw FitCamp specialize in.

Other important health benefits for men

Besides testosterone, there are other important reasons why it’s important for men to exercise.

We’ve discussed the importance of keeping testosterone levels where they should be. And the benefit of looking fit and staying in shape for appearance are obvious. But there are further health benefits of exercise for men:

  • Better quality of life
    Exercise improves overall quality of life by decreasing tension, depression, anxiety, and anger. Most people who exercise regularly report improvements in their feeling of well-being. Exercise helps people boost energy, sleep better, and have a better self-image.
  • Lower risk of some cancers
    Men who exercise have lower cancer risks. Studies have shown that men who exercise in middle-age are less likely to have lung or colorectal cancers. Other studies have shown that exercise helps reduce the risk of other cancers in men as well.
  • Lower risk of heart disease
    Regular exercise reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke. It lowers blood cholesterol levels and blood pressure, and improves blood-sugar levels.
  • Longer life!
    If you need one more reason to exercise, how about the fact that studies show it gives you a longer life? One study of 14,000 men showed that fitness level could predict length of life. As a man’s fitness improved, his risk of death from all cancers dropped 15 percent and his risk of death from heart disease dropped by 19 percent.

Outlaw FitCamp can provide you with a personalized, detailed plan

he two best types of exercise mentioned above for raising testosterone levels (weight training and HIIT) are two of our specialties.

Our certified personal trainers are trained in the best methods for safe and effective exercise. We can help you with a personalized plan that will help meet your fitness goals. And our detailed plan for you will waste no time getting the results you need to stay healthy and fit. We’ll also make it so that it easily fits into your busy schedule.

Your health and well-being are worth it!

When you have your health…

So, don’t forget that old adage about your health being everything—it’s true!

Many men need to do a better job at taking care of themselves. It’s so important for their general health and well-being.

Give us a call at Outlaw FitCamp, and let us show you how to easily fit exercise into your daily routine.

And remember, it’s not just about you—your loved ones are counting on you to stick around for them, too!