There’s a myth that sometimes keeps people from being motivated to start working out. It’s a misconception of how long it takes to get into shape. People hear constantly that you can’t expect overnight results from exercise. While this is true, it’s also true that when you work out the right way, you can start to see some major changes in your body in as little as six weeks. That’s right—six weeks of working out consistently the right way, can result in visible changes quickly. 

Did you notice the word “consistency” there? That’s one of the important factors in quick results. The other important factor is working out the right way.

When you join Outlaw FitCamp, it will absolutely help you with workout consistency and our certified personal trainers will teach you the best workout methods for quick results. You’ll be surprised to see changes in about six weeks when you start an Outlaw FitCamp program.

And guess what’s just a little less than six weeks away? You got it—the first day of summer. Ready?

Getting the most from your workout

The key to seeing changes quickly is to maximize your workouts. Outlaw FitCamp’s personal trainers know how to help you with this.

With our functional interval training style, you’ll get an effective workout in a shorter amount of time. In fact, with a few minor adjustments, you can make shorter workouts even more effective than longer ones!

Outlaw FitCamp workouts get quicker results by using the following training methods:

  • HIIT (high intensity interval training)

HIIT workouts mix shorts bursts of activity with even shorter rest periods. Ideally, you work to your maximum capacity during the short bursts of activity. This is a training method that our certified personal trainers use in FitCamp classes. HIIT workouts are ideal for shorter workouts and faster results—since you’re working out to your maximum level, you burn more calories in less time. Even a shorter workout done with HIIT can burn up to 30 percent more calories than a normal moderate-intensity workout.

  • Full-body workout plans

Outlaw FitCamp group classes hit each muscle group every week to give you the maximum results in the shortest time. We have fitness classes on different days of each week that concentrate on all the muscle groups. Upper body day includes chest, arms, and core. There’s a class for back and shoulders, a leg day for glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves, and a core day. You can read more about all our Outlaw FitCamp classes here.

  • Cardio

Our fitness classes are designed to give you a good cardio workout because we know that keeping your heart rate up helps burn more calories—and this helps you get those quick results. Raising your heart rate to just 50 percent of its maximum level results in 85 percent of the calories you burn coming from fat, and that’s exactly what you want! It’s a well-known and simple concept, but it bears repeating: the more calories you burn above the total you get from what you eat each day, the more weight you will lose or keep off. And cardio helps you burn those calories. 

  • Minimizing time between sets

Our classes help you minimize the time between sets. Most of us take longer breaks between sets than we really need. This unnecessarily lengthens your workout time without any added benefit of recovery.

Outlaw FitCamp can help you see major results in a short amount of time

We offer accelerating levels of classes at Outlaw FitCamp to help you get the quickest results possible.

Our members usually start at our FitCamp 30M classes which cover all the exercise methods discussed above. Then when you’re ready to progress to something more challenging, we offer a 45-minute class that takes it up a notch—Xtreme 45. Moving to this more challenging class can help you burn even more fat and get quicker results. In Xtreme 45, we use all the exercise training styles as in FitCamp 30 classes, but here we use longer time durations, more exercise movements, and incorporate more exercise equipment. It’s challenging but yields quicker results.

Summer is around the corner—Outlaw FitCamp will help you get ready!

Consistency and working out with a knowledgeable trainer are the key to faster results.

At Outlaw FitCamp, we have knowledgeable certified personal trainers, classes and programs to help meet your fitness goals as quickly as possible.

Call us today to see how Outlaw FitCamp can help you see the results you want—just in time for summer!