Big life-changes start with small steps. In today’s world, everyone is looking for the quick fix, the latest fad, or the coolest trends to get in physical shape. But not all gyms are created equally and not all workout styles lead to lasting results. We made the decision to move away from the word bootcamp because we were commonly associated with the typical idea of what a bootcamp is- many would expect it to be outdoors, large class sizes, lack of equipment, instruction and the same familiar redundant exercises. Outlaw is excited to ditch the bootcamp and introduce FITCAMP!

  • FUNCTIONAL: Full body movements maximizing multiple muscle groups through multi directional exercises.
  • INTERVAL: Intense bursts with short recovery between movement patterns.
  • TRAINING: We provide a safe and effective workout experience focused on quality over quantity. New members don’t get overlooked or lost in the crowd and our trainers are able to challenge advanced members to unleash their inner BEaST each and every workout!

Finally our very own word which precisely describes the Outlaw workout experience and why it sets us apart! Here, we will detail the top 5 reasons why our FitCamp & personal training differs greatly from other fitness trends.

1. Science behind the workout.

Our workout design consists of more than 7 different modalities of training styles to create an anaerobic and aerobic training state. In 30 minutes our functional interval training style keeps the heart rate up and the metabolism burning body fat throughout the day. The days of 2 hours in the gym are over as science has proven that short bursts of anaerobic training builds more muscle and burns more body fat providing faster results. With the versatility of our training structure & multi-joint movements workouts never get boring and challenge our members time and time again. It’s been scientifically proven that the best way to avoid a plateau is to shock the muscles by utilizing different training methods and movement patterns during exercise. Our strategically designed training style delivers incredible results in just 30 minutes to those who attend 3-5 workouts a week. Members whom have been with us consistently for years have seen faster results than other methods they have tried in the past and have fun doing it in our inclusive, encouraging social setting. 

2. Exercise alone is only part of the equation for any fitness goal.

Nutrition designed meal plans with macro nutrients specific to one’s goals would complement any desired fitness result and at Outlaw FitCamp we provide this. Losing weight would require a much different plan than say one to build muscle, and a senior citizen would require a different set of macro nutrients than an adolescent. Both nutrition and exercise go hand-in-hand when it comes to reaching ones fitness goals. Whether it be training for a race or losing weight for health reasons, consistency and quality of nutrients differs among each individual. When it comes to training, a well calculated and balanced diet most definitely plays a role in performance and endurance. To maximize results have a structured nutrition plan designed to meet each individual’s goals and nutrition needs.

3. Enjoy Working without the risk of injury

Some of the current fitness trends commonly seen over the last 5 years tend to overlook quality and intent of movement, fixating on speeding through exercises to a set duration putting those at risk for injury due to a lack of focus and isolation. The focus should be more so on proper technique and quality of an exercise performed rather than its speed. Quality of movements and focus on using all fibers of each muscle group would be a more effective and efficient workout and lower the probability of tears and injury. Simply stated, completing as many reps a fast as you can with as much weight as you can is not sustainable or a life-long style of training if you plan to exercise the rest of your life. After weeks of yanking, swinging, flailing, jerking, and jumping the body wears down and injury becomes a more possible outcome. If you ever find yourself in a position where “crushing today’s workout” means potential lifelong physical injury, stop and consider a different routine or gym. Avoiding injury and training smart keeps you in the game and the gym far longer than the opposite which should always be goal number one!

4. More than just a good workout

Personal Trainer certifications aren’t quick or fast to achieve and require extensive training on anatomy, nutrition and body mechanics understanding building muscle and safely performing exercises to reach the desired result. Beyond the initial personal trainer cert. many on our team have advanced their knowledge base and specialize in corrective training, senior training, stability, balance, athletic training, coaching and mentoring weight loss. The versatility of personal training & coaching goes beyond a workout with intention and a planned program to help members and clients make life long changes rather than simply provide a good workout.

5. Exceed Your Expectations

At Outlaw FitCamp, we strive to be a positive influence in your life and our goal is to work with you throughout your entire transformation. Say you began as a weight loss client but after 12 months of training with us at Outlaw FitCamp you have met your goal and exceeded your expectations which is very common. Our personal trainers could also be considered as fitness coaches guiding you towards developing new goals and advanced physical ability. Each step of they way throughout your entire transition our personal trainers help you develop healthy lifestyle changes or habits, provide accountability and challenge you to achieve your goals. Most commonly making friends with other members and incorporating healthy life habits become a norm at Outlaw FitCamp.

Call or email us today to learn more about the many benefits we can provide you to be successful in reaching your fitness goal.

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