For several years the community has voted Jesse James Fit as Best of Denton County, in the categories of best personal trainer, training facility and weight loss facility. Our sister company Outlaw Fitcamp has been titled best indoor bootcamp and fitness facility. We are incredibly honored and believe the community continues to select Jesse James Fit and Outlaw Bootcamp mostly due to the impact our facilities have made in their lives, also their friends and family’s lives during the last 11 years. Jesse Leyva started working on Jesse James Fit in early 2007. Jesse’s vision was to be different than other area big box fitness centers. It was a new idea, and it worked. In 2017 Jesse James Fit celebrated it’s 10 year anniversary serving the community in health and fitness.

Our atmosphere is inclusive, high energy, family-friendly, motivating & encouraging for people of all ages and fitness levels to join together in healthy activity. Personal training clients receive a tailored exercise and nutritional plan guided by our professional trainers to focus on achieving their specific fitness goals. We also offer a variety of budget friendly programs like Vip coaching, The Total Body Transformation Challenge, and our bootcamp classes. As a result, we have helped clients transform their physical health and mindset for success year after year.

We encourage families & couples to train together and practice a healthier lifestyle together which builds stronger bonds and relationships at home. 

The stories speak for themselves. Couple Cindy and Tim Vanderwater have been training together for almost 2 years now and they’ve become much stronger despite physical ailments.“Getting off all of medications was a huge accomplishment. I have been fighting high-blood pressure and on medications for the last ten years. Losing inches in the waist, and having a better physique is another major accomplishment, especially doing so with lower back problems.” Tim explains.

Robert Moore began training at Jesse James Fit with his son over a year ago and shares this, “I am comfortable working out at JJF, it feels like a family environment, it’s a safe place that encourages growth.” With Robert’s success, his parents follwed his lead and joined Jesse James Fit where they have transformed their lives as well!

At 7,700 sqft, Jesse James Fit is one of the largest private personal training studios in North America. Providing individual and small group training, youth training, senior programs, couples/family training, military prep, and specialize in weight loss!  Breaking the law of conventional fitness, we embrace all styles of fitness training and protocols to maximize results for every individual client. At Jesse James Fit we use more than 7 different modalities of training styles in our workout to create anaerobic and aerobic training state. This method has provided our clients incredible results in just 30 minute sessions 3-5 time a week. Clients who have been with us consistently for years have seen faster results than other methods they have tried in the past and have fun doing it in a inclusive, encouraging social setting!

Jesse James Fit & Outlaw Bootcamp lead the personal training industry by offering health insurance to full time trainers, along with salaries rather than the common hourly pay providing a steady income.  We have a teamwork system for our trainers if in the event they are absent, ill, have an emergancy or on vacation they are compensated which is uncommon in the fitness industry. Also JJF & OFC provide a flexible work environment. Trainers determine the hours they wish to work during the weekly hours of 445am-7pm rather than a required set 8 hours.

The Jesse James Fit formula has been proven successful and Jesse wanted to reach more familes, couples and individuals with his program. He also saw a need for a personalized approach to large group type workouts which provides safe, effective and efficient exercise for a variety of ages and fitness levels.

In 2014 Jesse James scaled the Jesse James Fit model into a smaller concept that he could franchise and created Outlaw Bootcamp. He included the group fitness aspect as well as fine tuned what he was known for best, personal training programs. Outlaw mimics Jesse James Fit in that it provides a unique inclusive and motivating fitness culture for it’s members. More career opportunities for professional fitness trainers to help husbands and wives, friends, families, coworkers bond togehter through healhy activity. Outlaw Bootcamp has 4 locations across the DFW metroplex. Little elm, McKinney, Hickory Creek and Flower Mound, inside Jesse James Fit. The Flower Mound location is also Outlaw Bootcamp’s headquarters.

Currently Outlaw is releasing some very exciting news;

We made the decision to move away from the word bootcamp because we were commonly associated with the typical idea of what a bootcamp is- many would expect it to be outdoors, large class sizes, lack of equipment, instruction and the same familiar redundant exercises. Outlaw is excited to ditch the bootcamp and introduce FITCAMP!

  • FUNCTIONAL: Full body movements maximizing multiple muscle groups through multi directional exercises.
  • INTERVAL: Intense bursts with short recovery between movement patterns.
  • TRAINING: We provide a safe and effective workout experience focused on quality over quantity. New members don’t get overlooked or lost in the crowd and our trainers are able to challenge advanced members to unleash their inner BEaST each and every workout!

Finally our very own word which precisely describes the Outlaw workout experience and why it sets us apart! This rebranding is a result of the preperation to launch Outlaw Fitcamp for franchise opportunities this November 2018! We are proud to serve our community in health and fitness for more than 10 years and look forward to our future growth! Our hope is to improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals and families through Outlaw Fitcamp Franchise, just as Jesse James Fit has done here locally in Flower Mound Texas.

Stop by and visit us at Jesse James Fit, we will welcome you with open arms and maybe a burpee or two. Always ready to be of service to help you reach your health and fitness goals,

For more information or to set up a free consultation, try a personal training session or visit us for a Fitcamp class

visit us online at www.jessejamesfit.com or https://outlawfitcamp.com

For information on franchise opportunities visit http://ofcfranchise.com

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