What were your fears or concerns before you joined Outlaw?

  • As with any new workout program I wondered what this would be like. I was invited by my friend Melissa three years ago. My fears, will it be a bunch of skinny people, super fit people or people who had their “clicks”? Will I be looked at as the “newbie”? Will I fit in? Will I be the fattest one in class? Will I embarrass myself?
  • My concerns were all over the board. When I was overweight my self esteem was at an all time low. I tried to hide it with a smile, with clothes I thought look good or I just hide in my shell. I secretly hated myself and wondered if anyone knew. I wondered how could anyone love me! Then you wonder about the workouts. I thought , can I keep up? Can I do the weights? Can I fit in? Am I going to make a fool of myself?

What was your deciding factor to join Outlaw?

  • Three years ago I decided to join because one of my best friends wanted me too. I always laugh because my first day was leg day and I wanted to come back, lol. I realized that there were “normal” people in the classes. Everyone was warm and welcoming. From the trainers to the people, you feel at home. I went to my classes, did what was asked and then went home. I didn’t change my eating habits or drinking ones either. The classes are great but I had to remember you get what you put into it! Outlaw has great challenges during the year and those are great pushes to keep you on track. Outlaw takes pride in their trainers, their programming and their passions to help others. I’m my lowest time of my life, this is what I needed even though it took me a long time to realize it.

What is your moment that you knew you could achieve your health goals?

  • The moment I knew I could achieve my goals is when I clicked with an Instructor! I wanted the one on one personal training and I was ready to make time to focus on myself. For women I feel this is the hardest thing to do. We do everything for everyone else and always push ourself to the side. I have raised two kids, a marriage of 28 years and a business. I forgot who I was, I let myself go and was complacent in my daily life. I will never forget the humiliation of stepping on that scale the first time with my trainer, Kenny. I didn’t want to look, I didn’t want to see the measurements but I secretly did. I wondered how could I let myself get that way! I hated and was disgusted in myself.
  • My trainer Kenny said “okay, you ready to be focused and are you ready to get your mind right?” That was the game changing moment.

How do you feel now?

  • For the first time ever I can admit at my heaviest I was 220lbs and a size 14/16. I am now 153 size 4/6. I’m not going to lie, I still struggle with self confidence. I see myself sometimes as that old person. Then I put on a size 25 in jeans and I thought “damn I did this!” Through the pushing from the instructors, the personal training, tears and the fear of failing I can say I DID THIS!

What do you get out of Outlaw?

  • You have instructors who want the best for you! They care for your personal wellbeing. You are not just another person taking their classes.
  • Taking part of their personal training programs you can get group training or one on one attention. You get meal plans, weekly (and sometimes daily) accountability and workouts that will get you to your goals. You have a person that listens to your needs and then makes you get out of your comfort zone. The personal high I get when I accomplish things I never thought were possible is the all time best feeling.
  • I say, at Outlaw you get your Tribe. You get a family! You get others who care if you’re there in class. They reach out if you’re not there. You make some pretty amazing friends! That makes the early morning classes worth it. You push each other!

My suggestions to be successful –

  • find your instructor/trainer you click with
  • Get your mind right
  • Understand eating correctly is the hardest part
  • Stay goal focused
  • Lean on your Outlaw friends to make you accountable
  • After a bad day, leave it there and refocus tomorrow.
  • Make baby step goals!
  • Remember you get out what you out in.

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