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As most of you are familiar with our XTREME! Class currently offered at our Little Elm and Flower Mound locations, you know this class has become a member favorite! Our team has come together and recognize that the need for XTREME! Is in high demand. With careful consideration we have decided to introduce XTREME45! Xtreme45 will be similar to what is currently offered now however members will be able to enjoy this class 5 days a week and some days offered 2x a day. Xtreme45 will not be heated like you have known it to be because we are also introducing PURGATORY! PURGATORY will take the place of XTREME! PURGATORY will be offered 4 to 5 times during the week, heated and 45 minutes of advance movements for our brave Outlaws looking to be challenged.

We are thrilled to see our members loving and demanding more Outlawesome from us and happy to deliver! As of April 1st 2018 these changes will be made and you will see them present on the Little Elm Schedule first. As we launch these programs there is more Outlawesome to be told. Our current 30 minute bootcamps will continue without change along with seeing  XTREME45 each day and PURGATORY 4-5 days during Monday-Saturday.

To take advantage of the new XTREME45 and PURGATORY classes along with our regular bootcamp members will need to upgrade to an ALL ACCESS OUTLAW package by April 1st 2018.

Below are a few Q&A’s about our changes coming April 1st.

Already in a contract?

No worries, We will terminate the old contract and upgrade you into our new All Access Outlaw package.

Will the All Access Outlaw package cost more?

Yes. Upgrading to the All Access Outlaw Package will be a rate increase for access to both the Xtreme45 & Purgatory classes. This upgrade averages $20 more per month depending on which package you choose and it has its perks too. By upgrading to the All Access Outlaw package you will automatically benefit from an XTREME Outlaw membership.

What is an XTREME Outlaw Membership?

The XTREME Outlaw membership means that members will automatically receive 10% off on all retail and 15% off on all services. Enjoy the perks of XTREME membership by upgrading to any of our All Access Outlaw packages. Discounts on apparel and services  such as our VIP coaching program, any personal training package, challenge registration and any other services offered at Outlaw Bootcamp.

What if I don’t want to upgrade?

No problem! Our 30 minute classes are here to stay! The 30 minute bootcamp classes have and always will be a great way to get the workout in quickly and effectively! With adding Xtreme45 there will be less members doing double classes freeing up open spots for our 30 minute bootcamp class as well. Win-Win!

Is Xtreme45 hard?

Xtreme45 would be very similar to our existing 30 minute class design however slightly more advance due to the timing durations and movement splits.  This class is perfect for our advanced members rather than beginners.

When will this go into effect?

April 1st 2018 in Little Elm (only at this time).  By April 1st you will see Xtreme45 mixed into the schedule Monday-Saturday sometimes 2x a day. Purgatory 4-5x a week and 30 minute bootcamp Monday-Saturday as well. Also, Little Elm’s personal training area will be ready for use by the end of March. If you are interested in small group 3-4 people max or one-on-one training, we are offering introductory rates currently as well as our VIP Coaching program.

For all other questions please contact us!

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