Each year Outlaw Bootcamp and its members across all locations join in a 6 week transformation challenge. Our challenge tests the limits of one’s willpower with a custom designed meal plan for each challenger. Nutrition knowledge, unlimited bootcamp classes, support and encouragement during our 6 week program is sure to deliver results year after year, season after season.

Our expectation from the challengers is this; Give us 6 weeks of dedication, commitment and consistency and we will deliver results! This Challenge We gave the members a group goal. The goal was to reach 1000 pound weight loss as a group across all locations. For the first time EVER these amazing Outlaw Bootcamp Challengers DELIVERED record breaking results! 1019 pounds lost among approximately 110 people and 270 inches off the waist! That is incredible!


We know big results are possible in 6 weeks this is why we offer over $5000 in cash and winning prizes! With a few categories to win such as 1st, 2nd and 3rd place Mens’ AND Women’s categories as well as the couples category, winning is a real possibility for those hungry enough to get that placing! We are so incredibly proud to share with you our winners!


1st place Men’s and Women’s goes to

Phyllis down 24lbs and 9 inches in the waist in 6 weeks

And Jacob down 29lbs and 5 inches off his waist

Our second place winners are

Matt and Steph

Matt is down 26 lbs and 6 inches

Steph 25lbs and 6 inches!!


Third goes to

Carrie and Jeff!

Carrie is down 20 lbs and 4 inches. This is Carrie’s third challenge in one year she has lost a total of 75lbs and 14 inches off her waist!

Jeff 19lbs and 5 inches off his waist!









Our final winners are the 1st place couple Matthew and Yesica!

Together they lost 56lbs and 10 inches off their waist!


To learn more about Outlaw Bootcamp Challenge Visit the challenge website here

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