Outlaw Bootcamp is excited to announce its New Year Transformation Challenge – winner Holly. Below is her testimony of her journey with OBC.

I joined the Outlaw Bootcamp New Year Transformation Challenge because I wanted to be able to walk into a store and buy clothes. My best friends have seen the tears, observed my frustration shopping, and know my body struggles. I have been limited to one brand of jeans and one style within that brand, A-line dresses, long flowy tops, and wide calf boots. Every time I’d get dressed for dinner, a night out, an event, it was stressful and I always ended up feeling bad about myself.

For me, this challenge wasn’t about the pounds, it was about changing my body’s shape and my self esteem. I definitely accomplished that in the last six weeks. I’d like to say getting dressed for events is fun again, but I can’t remember when it was ever fun. I finally feel good about myself having lost 26lbs and 5 inches off the waist & down 3 sizes. It feels so rewarding each time I can fit into something I’ve never been able to wear before.

Some of the changes I’ve made during this challenge,was being prepared. In the past I’d go to work without lunch and then ended up in a drive through eating fast food. On the way home knowing nothing was in the refrigerator, I’d end up eating fast food again. I didn’t eat breakfast or snack so when it came to eating, I over did it because I was in starvation mode. I began eating breakfast every day, having healthy snacks around and my meals prepared ahead of time. I came up with several favorite healthy recipes and froze them. Really from this challenge I’ve learned to think ahead and be more creative with foods even finding healthy options that I really like.

Also, I’ve learned that a healthy lifestyle is a mental challenge. The willpower to work out even when I didn’t feel like it…The willpower to say “no” to daily temptations…The will power not to order straight off a menu… Now I am a master menu manipulator. I can look at what a restaurant has to offer and create my own healthy plate keeping myself in control of my food and goals. Physically my body has changed into one I want to shop for. This is because of the brilliant circuit training exercises at OBC and running. Yes, I run now and for the first time ever, my dog can’t keep up.

I would definitely recommend Outlaw Bootcamp to a friend! What initially attracted me to OBC was the fact that you could pack so much into just 30 minutes! The workout goes fast and there is always an end in sight. The bonus: Trainers that care and push you as well as great people working out by your side. OBC is more than that. Not only do they care about you and your well being, they care about the community. OBC supports and gives you opportunities to contribute to organizations in need. Their heart extends beyond the gym walls for all.

I would like to thank Kelly Starnes for dragging me to OBC. From day 1 Kelly has supported me with such positivity. Vincent Kleszcz has been my mentor, my cheerleader, and pushed me to my potential. I’ve lifted more weight, completed more double workouts, and run more than I ever thought because Vincent knew I could. Near the end of the challenge Vincent started talking about what’s next, proving this is not the end. He knows this is a life journey and I’m not on this journey alone thanks to him!

Holly Grance
1st place winner
Lost 26lbs and 5 inches off the waist.