We are so excited to be openings our doors back up next Monday, May 18th!  We’re committed to our obligation for the safety and wellbeing of our members and the communities that we serve. We believe the world of training has changed for good. We’ve made the necessary improvements and are leading the change for group fitness exercise. Our improvements provide a new level of sanitation, along with new formatting for your workouts!  

Considering sanitation, your safety and our teams’ safety we have developed a structured opening plan in line with CDC guidelines that allows for social distancing and provide you a great workout. Our Studios have been hard at work restructuring a new training environment just for you! Introducing FitCamp 2.0

We can’t wait to show you the improvements we’ve made to our already successful fitness plans!

We’ve improved our studios to follow the new CDC guidelines. During this shutdown time, we’ve been studying safe practices. Now we are making some permanent changes to our workouts and group classes. These are going to provide a safe workout environment, and as a bonus, actually improve your workout sessions! 

Some of the new improvements include:

  • Moved equipment to create a safe environment, spaced apart for your safety. Members will have their individually marked 7×11 cell to exercise in
  • Limited class size is 10-12 members
  • Minimized rotation to help prevent cross contamination
  • FitCamp 2.0 provides more actual exercise time than before for a low risk, better workout!
  • Constant sanitation of your exercise area and equipment

Our Trainers will not be required to wear a mask while coaching FitCamp 2.0, this is so you can hear them clearly and for their safety. If members wish to wear a mask while working out we ask that you pay close attention so you don’t become dizzy or short of breath. Once class has finished trainers will again wear a mask. During training sessions trainers will be required to wear a mask but we do not require this of our members for their safety and concern for becoming dizzy or light headed while exercising.

This shutdown has been hard on all of us. But the silver lining is that we are going to be able to offer you even more safe and effective workouts from now on.

We can’t wait to unveil the NEW FitCamp 2.0 to our members. You can book your classes starting today! Come get an effective, safe, and sanitary workout.

Prior to your first class or session we require:

  • All clients are required to complete a new COVID-19 waiver before participating in any training. You can download the waiver here to bring with you to your first class.
  • We ask that if you are experiencing any symptoms or have been exposed to anyone with the virus, you please stay home. 
  • We request members and staff to wash hands or use sanitizer upon entering the studio and after a workout; we will have sanitizer available throughout the studio.  
  • Our staff will still be energetic and full of smiles behind their masks as much as possible. You may choose to wear a mask if you wish to, just please be more aware of your breathing and balance. We also have masks for sale $16 
  • Disposable gloves will be available for use if you choose.
  • Social distancing will be maintained with trainers and clients during personal training and FitCamp 2.0 workouts.  
  • Equipment will be disinfected after each person uses it prior to another person touching the same equipment.  
  • To support your Outlawsome workout, please bring your own towel and enough water for your entire workout in lieu of refilling at a shared water station.
  • All Studios are fully cleaned and sanitized weekly. We also use a X-Guard, a antimicrobial disinfectant spray.

We can’t wait to see you again in person and help get you back into your fitness groove and soar to your goals!!  We’re grateful for your continued support of our company and we’ll strive to continually give you the best experience possible. Get ready to rock!