Something we want everyone to remember this Mother’s Day: when moms take care of themselves, it makes them happier, healthier, and better moms.

We see it all the time—moms often ignore themselves and put everyone else first. Although moms do this with a selfless heart, it doesn’t help their families in the long run. Moms need to take care of themselves in order to take good care of their kids.

Mother’s Day this year is on May 12. And we have the perfect gift idea for what to give Mom (or a gift Mom can get herself). It’s the gift of health and fitness, and we know that nothing will benefit a mom and her entire family more.

Regular exercise makes women better moms in several ways

When moms neglect their health and fitness it makes them feel tired, stressed, worn-out, and it can even make them sick. In fact, the less a mom focuses on her needs, the less she’s going to have to give to her family.

Staying fit and healthy can make for better moms in several ways:

Regular exercise leads to a better mood

Research shows that the bad mood of one person can bring down the mood of the entire family. But we didn’t really need researchers to show us this, did we? Everyone in a family has experienced this dynamic.

We’re not saying that by working out and eating right a busy mom will never get in a bad mood or snap at her family. It’s not that kind of miraculous magic potion. But regular exercise allows you to be in a better mood, have a longer fuse, and experience a better recovery from those inevitable slip-ups. Moms are only human after all, but a healthy mom normally stays in a better mood more often.

Exercise decreases feelings of stress

You’ve probably already heard that exercise boosts endorphins—a chemical that helps fight stress. But did you know it also releases a special

protein called BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor)? This acts as a reset switch for your brain which leaves you feeling more at ease and happier after exercising.

Working out gives a mom much-needed time for herself

It’s good for moms to get a break from their kids. This isn’t selfish—it’s necessary to be the best mom they can. Exercise gives moms a little bit of time to step away from the kids, work—everyone and everything for just a little bit. And experts agree that it’s important for moms to make time for themselves.

Exercise time may be the only time a mom takes for herself all day long. This time doesn’t have to be spent in bubble baths or on something she just loves to do. It can be spent on something she needs to do for her own well-being. But to make it happen, it needs to be scheduled.

Today’s moms have hectic lives and if they don’t have a scheduled time to make working out a priority, it’s likely to get bumped from their busy schedule. It likely will get put off on an especially busy day, which can easily turn into a few days, a few weeks, a few months…you know how it goes.

This is where a certified personal trainer at Outlaw FitCamp can help. If Mom has a scheduled personal training session, she is much more likely to make sure to stick to her commitment to exercise.

Regular exercise sets a good example for the rest of the family

Making a commitment to exercising regularly sets a good example for kids. Children who grow up watching their parents work out, likely end up being adults who work out themselves.

Exercise helps you sleep better

Studies have proven that exercise helps people sleep better, and no one needs better sleep than busy moms!

Exercise increases your energy levels

Exercise gives you energy. According to Harvard Medical School, exercise circulates oxygen and gives your cells more energy to burn.

Happy healthy moms raise happy healthy kids

A mom who makes a commitment to focus on her health and fitness will not only be happier and healthier, but will be a better mom, too.

Focusing on “fitness” doesn’t mean that we want to turn all the moms into bodybuilders (although we know some happy bodybuilding moms, too). But we’re talking about helping her keep up with her kids on the playground, having enough energy to get up in the morning and keep going until bedtime, and having the energy to take care of her family with care.

If you’re a mom (or know a mom) who hates exercise, our certified personal trainers are trained to make workouts fun and motivating. Or maybe our group fitness classes at one of our Outlaw FitCamp locations would be a better fit.

The fact is, when Mom takes care of herself, she has more energy to take care of everyone else.

Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Outlaw FitCamps!