Amy’s Transformation Challenge Testimony

#TransformationTuesday I decided to join the Transformation Challenge because I was tired of always being tired. I wanted my energy level to be higher, I wanted to be able to dance all night with my husband and not get worn out. Recently I turned 50 and I didn’t want to feel like an old mom. I feel like I accomplished … Read More

OBC Winter 2017 Challenge 2nd Place Women’s Winner

My husband spent the majority of the summer in the hospital and I gained quite a bit with eating a lot of comfort food and not being able to make it to Outlaw Bootcamp like normal. Before the challenge, I felt like I wasn’t back to where I’d been…but was okay with how I looked and didn’t try really hard … Read More

OBC Most Weight Loss in Winter 2017 Challenge Winners

I did the last challenge 6ish months ago and I had great success, but I still had more weight to drop. I stayed motivated for a while and continued to drop, then the holidays happened. I did well because I stayed with these same wonderful people who continue to motivate while I was working out, but I wasn’t dropping weight. … Read More

OBC First Place Couple’s Winter 2017 Challenge Winners

Kayle’s Story My reasons for joining the challenge were many. I had to do it for my health, I did it for my daughter’s upcoming wedding, and I did it to support a friend. I have never worked out a day in my life, and honestly I was terrified. And if I am truthful, I did not expect to be … Read More

New Year Transformation Challenge

Lose weight fast

Outlaw Bootcamp is excited to announce its New Year Transformation Challenge – winner Holly. Below is her testimony of her journey with OBC. I joined the Outlaw Bootcamp New Year Transformation Challenge because I wanted to be able to walk into a store and buy clothes. My best friends have seen the tears, observed my frustration shopping, and know my … Read More